Disability Parking

There are basically two types of permits – Blue and Red. The Blue permit is the same as the new ADPP (Australian Disability Parking Permit).

Blue Permit

The Blue permit allows you to park:

  • for free at any on-street parking in local government metered and regulated parking areas:
    • up to 30 minutes—when the time limit stated is less than this
    • for an unlimited time—when the time limit stated is 30 minutes or more
  • in parking bays displaying the international symbol of access for on and off-street parking bays.

Red Permit

Red permit holders are entitled to park in any off-street parking bay, displaying the international symbol of access, situated in areas such as shopping centres, entertainment areas, hospitals and the like.

No on-street parking is permitted.

Interstate Visitors

Most of these disability parking permits are now the new National permits (ADPP described above) and the same privileges apply as if the permits were issued in Queensland.

Note: Disabled parking permits must be displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the windscreen with the permit number and expiry date clearly visible.