Parking Zones

There are various zones indicated by signage and road markings to assist with identifying legal areas to park in the Noosa region.

Fines are issused if breach of the local law is violated.

School Zones

Children's safety comes first and parents or visitors to school zones should be aware of the parking regulations in school zones and surrounding streets. Parking illegally in these areas may obstruct the pedestrian and/or motorist's vision putting children at risk.

Drivers must be particularly careful when parking and driving in and around school zones. Pay attention to signs and restrictions in school zones.

Pick up and drop off areas are often situated in school zones to allow parents and guardians to safely drop off or pick up children. These areas are indicated by signage noting the short time limit that applies.

Loading Zones

Commercial vehicle loading zones must only be used by vehicles such as vans, utilities, trucks etc. The following types of vehicles are not recognised as commercial vehicles and therefore cannot use this stopping area:

  • station wagons, sedans
  • vehicles with a commercial registration label.

(Sedans and wagons that have signs on the passenger and driver front doors that clearly indicate the vehicle is being used commercially may park in commercial loading zones for the time permitted.)

All other loading zones - Loading zones are mainly for use by commercial vehicles. They may also be used by other vehicles (for two minutes) to pick up people or goods. In most instances a 20-minute time limit applies. Please check the signs.

Commercial Vehicle Identification Label

Enquiries can be made at

No Stopping Zones

No stopping zones are installed for the safety of both motorists and pedestrians. A no stopping zone is indicated by a yellow line or signage. These zones refer to the whole road reserve, including the footpath or unformed section adjacent to the road, not just the formed section of road.

It is an offence to park a vehicle on the road or shoulder of the road, footpath or unformed section of the road adjacent to a yellow line or between no stopping signs. Drivers risk an infringement if they do so.

Council staff have a scheduled maintenance timeframe for repainting faded or worn yellow lines.

Council no longer installs, or maintains any existing yellow lines:

  • across driveways
  • on either side of your dwelling driveway
  • over an entire length of a residential street.