Go Noosa Schools

Noosaville State School YR 4 Cycle Skills 2021Go Noosa Schools is a voluntary travel behaviour change program that encourages school children and their parents/carers to leave the car at home and walk, ride, scoot, skateboard, catch the bus or carpool to school.

The program was identified as a key initiative of the Noosa Transport Strategy 2017-2027 to tackle peak time traffic congestion around school zones.

Benefits of the program

The Go Noosa Schools program aims to:

  • improve students health and fitness, often leading to better learning outcomes
  • increase road safety around schools with less traffic congestion and illegal parking
  • reduce air and noise pollution
  • improve the greater school community health and well-being.

Council is currently trialling the new look, Go Noosa Schools program at the Noosaville schools precinct. Noosaville State School and St Teresa’s Catholic College are currently working closely with Council to develop their tailored Sustainable Travel School Plans.

2023 Sustainable Transport Art Competition

Students were invited to create a poster that showcases what sustainable travel in Noosa Shire is all about. Students choose to complete an artwork based on how they travel to school using sustainable transport modes such as walking, riding a bike or scooter, catching the bus, carpooling, or they looked to the future and illustrated what sustainable transport in Noosa will look like in 10 to 20 years’ time. 

We are pleased to announce the winners for the 2023 Sustainable Transport Art Competition. 

Category one: 5 to 8 years 

First prize:            Jude, Noosaville State School

Second prize:     Milo, St Thomas More

Third prize:          Faith, St Thomas More

Category two: 9 to 12 years 

First prize:            Asher, Noosaville State School

Second prize:     Hannah, Noosaville State School

Third prize:          Sienna Rose, Noosaville State School

Congratulations to everyone who submitted an artwork.

Make the move towards sustainable school travel

Leave the car at home and walk, ride a bike, catch public transport or car pool instead. 

Every trip counts, by leaving the car at home just one day a week you can:

  • reduce your greenhouse gas emissions from private vehicle use by up to 20%
  • reduce traffic congestion around the school, less cars equals safer school zones
  • increase your health and wellbeing, while having fun.
  • It's a date, every Wednesday why not park the car 500m to 1km away from school and walk, ride a bike or hop on a scooter for the last part of the journey. It reduces the number of cars around the school, and it's a fun and healthy way to start the day.

    New to bike riding? Bicycle Network offer a series of free learn to ride videos and resources, click here to visit their parents place.

    Walk and ride to school maps


    Things to consider when using the Go Noosa Schools walk and ride maps:

    • Asses your own skills and the skills of your children before walking or riding to school and practice your journey to school.
    • The routes shown on these maps are suggested only.
    • Walk and ride routes to school are not supervised events, parents/carers are responsible for their children’s safety while using such routes.
    • The maps are intended to provide information on Active School Travel.
    • The locations of symbols on the map are indicative only.
    • The inclusion or omission of any service, facility or business in this guide is not to be construed as Council endorsing or promoting a service, facility or business above any other.  
    • Each time you use a suggested route, you are responsible for looking out for and considering any changes to the environment, including but not limited to construction or footpath works, which would make using the route unsafe.
    • While Council has taken care and consideration in mapping the suggested routes, you are ultimately responsible for your own and your children’s safety while using such routes.
  • For information on how and where to catch the school bus, please visit TransLink’s school travel page

  • Car pooling is a great way to reduce the number of cars entering the school zone and it can save you time, money and you don’t have to compete for a parking spot every day.

Rolling out the program

The trial Go Noosa Schools program is beginning to gain momentum. Check out how participating schools are encouraging students and their carers to use more sustainable transport options.

  • The Go Noosa Schools program offers sustainable travel in-class presentations to students in years 5 to 7.

    The 1 hour presentation covers topics such as:

    • Sustainable transport options.
    • The benefits of sustainable travel.
    • The history of school transport.
    • How students travel to school in other countries.
    • Primary school students: basic road safety messaging.
    • High school students: group discussion on sustainable transport barriers and how to overcome them, and how we can encourage more sustainable travel options for the journey to and from school.


    Bike On Bicycle Maintenance workshop



  • The Go Noosa Schools program is offering Noosa Shire high school students a free bike safety check and tune-up. Tune-ups included pumping-up tyres, chain lubrication, plus a brake and gear tune-up.

    We look forward to seeing more students and their families out and about on their bikes.

    If you would like to get your school involved, please contact the Go Noosa Schools team.


  • The Go Noosa Schools program is working with Tewantin Noosa Lions Club and Noosaville State School to develop a walking school bus program.

    The initiative aims to provide children with an opportunity to travel to school in a safe and fun environment, while building relationships in the community. Students who walk to school arrive alert, ready to learn and concentrate better in class.

    Please contact the Go Noosa Schools team if you would like more information or would like support to get a walking school bus at your school.

  • The Go Noosa Schools team are working with Noosaville State School, St Teresa's Catholic College and Cooroy State School's leadership teams to increase the functionality of the schooKiss and drop posterls' kiss and drop zone.

    Tips for using the Kiss & Drop zone

    The Kiss & Drop zone operates similarly to an airport pick-up, drivers are not permitted to stop in the zone for more than 2 minutes.

    For the Kiss & Drop to operate effectively, cars need to keep moving. If your passengers are not ready, please keep moving, continue back onto the street to find a park or re-enter the zone.

    Please arrive at the zone 5 minutes after the school bell. This will allow students time to walk from their classroom and avoid traffic backing up.

    Please proceed to the very front of the zone, stopping halfway down the zone will reduce the number of cars able to enter. Students, please wait at the top of the zone closest to the school, waiting further down will encourage cars to stop.

    For the safety of your children, please request that they enter the vehicle from the passenger side only.

    Kiss & Drop zones will be monitored and local law enforcement may be required if not used correctly. When used correctly, the Kiss & Drop is a great facility to make pick-up and drop-off more convenient.

    The team will be out and about helping to educate parents on how to use the kiss and drop zone effectively and safely. 

    Keep an eye out in the school newsletter for tips and tricks on how to use the zone effectively.