Bin Collection Days

Residential Bin Collection Services

Noosa Council provides weekly residential bin collection services and operates every day of the year, including public holidays.

The services include:

  • 240L General Waste Bin (red lid or green lid matching the bin’s body) - Serviced weekly.
  • 240L Recycling Bin (yellow lid) - Serviced fortnightly on the same day as the General Waste Bin.
  • 240L Garden Waste Bin (lime lid) - Serviced on the alternate fortnight to the Recycling Bin.
  • 360L General, Recycling and Garden Waste Bin - Available through Council's Online Waste Requests. Fees for larger bins can be found in the Residential Waste Bin charges.
  • Extra (casual) bin collection - Can be requested and paid for through Online Waste Requests.

Important Bin Collection Guidelines:

  • Place bins out before 6 am on collection day.
  • Bins should be on the back of the road kerb and 300mm away from other bins.
  • Each bin should not weigh more than 80 kg.
  • Handles should face the property.
  • Ensure bins are clear of cars, trees, poles, footpaths, and driveways.
  • Lids must be fully closed to prevent litter.
  • Remove bins from the kerbside on the same day after collection.

Note: Bins may not be collected at the same time each week or fortnight.

Find Your Bin Collection Day 

To find your bin collection day, use the interactive mapping tool by following these steps:

1. Access the interactive mapping service.


2. Select the Address tab at the bottom of the map.

3. Enter your address in the search bar and and click the search icon.

Image of address form

4. Your bin collection day and date will be displayed in the information column on the right side of the screen.

Print Your Own Calendar

Each address is assigned to either Week 1 or Week 2. Use the mapping tool above to discover your week, and then print the appropriate calendar.

Recycling Calendar Week 1     Recycling Calendar Week 2

Commercial Bin Collection Services

For new permanent commercial waste bins, or changes to an existing commercial waste bin service contact Council's Customer Service team on 5329 6500 or submit an Online Waste Request.

Fees for Commercial Bins

View a breakdown of Commercial / Industrial Waste Fees. These charges include the Queensland Government's Waste Levy and are applied to property rates notices.

Commercial Recycling Bins

  • One commercial recycling bin service is charged to commercial properties for each standard general waste bin service. 
  • The number of recycling services can be increased to equal the number of general waste bin charges at no additional cost. A fee applies for additional recycling services above that number.
  • Services can be ordered by the owner, property manager or tenant (with the owner's consent).

Commercial Cardboard Bins

  • Sizes available: 1100L low noise, 3m³, and 4.5m³ bins.
  • Service frequency: Weekly.

To order, contact Council's Customer Service team on 5329 6500 or submit an Online Waste Request.

Commercial Garden Waste Bin

  • Sizes available: 240L, 360L, and 1100L bins.
  • Service frequency: 1100L bins can be serviced weekly or fortnightly.

To order, contact Council's Customer Service team on 5329 6500 or submit an Online Waste Request.

Extra Casual Commercial Bin Collection

For an extra casual commercial bin collection, payment must be paid prior to collection.

To order, contact Council's Customer Service team on 5329 6500 or submit an Online Waste Request.

Bulk Bins

Various size bulk bins are available for commercial premises across the Noosa region. 

Size Width Height Depth
1 cubic metre 1400mm 900mm 900mm
1.1 cubic metre 1360mm 1465mm 1070mm
1.5 cubic metres 2000mm 900mm 900mm
2 cubic metres 2000mm 1200mm 900mm
3 cubic metres 2000mm 1400mm 1200mm

Note: Maximum weight for all bulk bins = 200kg per cubic metre.

Waste Truck Size/Dimensions

To view the size, weight, and dimensions of waste trucks, please refer to the Waste Trucks Dimension (PDF). Please note the following:

  • Front-loading trucks used for bulk bins have different specifications from other waste trucks.
  • The frontlift vehicles (the largest in the fleet) are used for bulk bin collections.
  • For Development Approvals, the turning circles of Heavy Rigid Vehicles are used to ensure proper access.

Large Household Item Disposal

Noosa Council does not offer a bulky items kerbside collection service. While this service may appear convenient, it comes at a significant cost and contributes to substantial amounts of recyclable materials (such as wood, metal, cardboard, e-waste, etc.) ending up in landfill due to the complexities and expenses involved in sorting. Bulk kerbside collection results in unsightly streets and poses health and safety risks. Of particular concern is the improper disposal of hazardous materials like asbestos, batteries, and chemicals as well as the risk of litter and micro-litter finding its way into our ocean and river systems.

Council is committed to assisting residents in managing their bulky waste responsibly. Visit large household item disposal options for more information.