Evacuation Centres

Evacuation Centres will be opened as required depending on the location and type of emergency or disaster.

In the event of an emergency, it may be necessary for Council to open one or more evacuation centres.

  • If you are directed to evacuate, you will be advised by local radio and television, and on Council's Facebook and Disaster Dashboard which centres are open.
  • You cannot take alcohol or weapons to an evacuation centre but you can take domestic pets.
  • Before going to an evacuation centre, you should seek refuge with family or friends.
  • Evacuation centres should only be used if you have nowhere else to go.
  • Evacuation centres are not ‘cyclone shelters' and are not designed to protect against high winds or windborne debris.
  • You will be requested to register at the nearest open evacuation centre. 
  • Do not go to any evacuation centre unless officially advised.