Pay rates online to avoid COVID delays


With potential staffing issues amid ongoing COVID infections, Noosa Council is reminding residents there are several ways to pay your council rates.

The six-monthly rates notices have been issued this week and staff are again gearing up for a busy four-week period.

Ratepayers are encouraged to make their payment by the 18 February due date to take advantage of the 5 per cent discount on the general rate.

But with the current COVID scenario, Customer Services Manager Jason Pratt is urging residents to utilise Council’s online services where they can.

“We may encounter staffing issues from time to time, which could result in lengthy queues at the Customer Service counter,

“So, to avoid any potential long delays at our payment counters and to minimise disruptions, we’re asking ratepayers to use a number of alternative payment options, which are on your rates notice,” he said.

Council makes it quick and easy to pay your rates with a variety of payment options.

You can pay online, by credit card over the phone, access BPay from your participating financial institution, or over the counter at any Australia Post office.

Mr Pratt said any ratepayer can also arrange to pay current rates by instalment.

“We are committed to keeping the customer service centre open at all times, but with the uncertainty of COVID, our online services provide the ideal alternative,” Mr Pratt said.

Revenue Services Manager Kellie Seeleither said property owners should also consider receiving their rates notices electronically.

“Over 36 per cent of ratepayers now receive their rates either by email or direct to their online banking platform through BPay view,” she said.

To access electronic delivery, simply visit the council website to register your email.

If ratepayers haven’t received their rates notices by the end of this month, contact Council to check their postal address and request a copy.