Cordwells ignore plea to stop trucks at school peak periods


Noosa Mayor Clare Stewart has called on Kin Kin Quarry operator Cordwell Resources to rethink its decision to send trucks through Cooran during school peak periods.

After a significant increase in trucks driving through Cooran recently, Council approached Cordwells requesting that they avoid truck movements near the school during school drop off and pick-up times.

“The reply was an emphatic no which is disappointing,” she said.

“As a good corporate citizen, we had hoped that they would put people ahead of profits, but sadly that doesn’t appear to be the case,” Cr Stewart said.

The request comes as Council issue another round of $27,000 fines for alleged breaches of the Quarry Management Plan, relating to truck movements.

It takes the total in fines to $133,450 over a six-month period. Cordwell Resources are appealing the fines.

The latest roundtable meeting was held at council on Wednesday (March 3) and as the truck activity increases on hinterland roads, so too does the concern and frustration in the hinterland community.

Cr. Stewart said the alleged breaches over truck movements are strengthening the resolve of all concerned.

“We remain united in doing what we can to address this issue,” she said.

“Cordwells will continue to challenge the fines, but we will continue to issue them for alleged breaches because they have a corporate obligation to do the right thing under the QMP,” she said.

“Residents are continuing to gather evidence in proposed legal action against the operator, and their efforts remain pivotal to the success of any legal challenge.

“It’s an ongoing example of a community-council partnership working to deliver a positive outcome for all concerned,” Cr Stewart added.

Instigated by Mayor Clare Stewart in August last year, the roundtable includes members from hinterland community groups, Queensland Police, Noosa MP Sandy Bolton, Council staff and officers from Transport and Main Roads.

Member for Noosa, Sandy Bolton has written to the Premier and relevant state government departments demanding further action for the safety of residents.

Cr. Stewart said “The ongoing impact of more than 200 truck movements daily at times means this issue remains a priority for all of us. We are awaiting the engineer assessments of the haul route and timber bridges by Transport and Main Roads,” she said.

“There has been considerable progress since our first roundtable meeting last August and the united approach is the most effective route to find workable solutions.”