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Noosa Shire Council

Zero Emissions Noosa Zero Emissions Noosa

After signing off on an Emissions Reduction Policy in May 2016, Council engaged the not for profit think-tank Beyond Zero Emissions Inc. to undertake an audit and calculate Council’s baseline greenhouse gas emissions.

The boundary for the audit included waste, transport (fleet), buildings & facilities and public lighting (both Energex and Council owned).

They estimated Council’s emissions to be 10,713 tonnes COe2 based on data for relevant activities for 2015-16 financial year. This estimate includes fuels (transport and non-transport related), consumed energy (electricity & gas) and fugitive emissions from the waste landfill.

Council has now taken the next step and adopted a Zero Emissions Strategy. The strategy sets an ambitious target of zero net emissions for the organisation by 2026.

The Strategy also identifies eight key actions and a framework for decision making in determining priority for expenditure on projects to reduce our carbon emissions footprint.

Work is now underway to develop a detailed Action Plan that will establish priorities for action.  All items requiring expenditure outside of normal operating budgets will be subject to a full cost benefit assessment and be considered as part of the budget development process each year.