Waste and flood information

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After a flood, waste removal is critical to the clean-up and recovery process. Council is working with residents and businesses in the flood impacted areas to provide support with their waste disposal needs. Due to the extent of flooding on roads and bridges there may be impacts on waste services over the coming 10 - 14 days.

Flood Impacted Areas

Council continues to work closely with those most severely impacted by the floods. Many people across Noosa have fortunately not suffered flood damage, but those who have remain our priority. Council is receiving high volumes of requests and asks for patience as we work through all enquiries.

We are providing the following assistance:

  • Residents and businesses in areas that have been significantly impacted by floodwaters are being contacted by council officers to see what assistance they require. 
  • On-site inspections are occurring in the areas most impacted to develop waste options.
  • We have waived landfill fees for eligible flood vic/disaster victims for two weeks so that they can dispose of flood damaged items.
  • Onsite solutions such as skip bins are being placed in the worst affected locations for residents whose homes were inundated by water or otherwise seriously damaged by the disaster to dispose of flood/disaster damaged household items and materials or debris to make homes safe, habitable, and accessible. These bins are for disaster related domestic waste only.
  • Council will continue to work with residents facing significant hardship and provide help on a case-by-case basis.
  • Eumundi Rd Landfill is now open for normal operating hours. Reviva Resource Recovery is currently open.
  • Cooroy Waste Transfer Station is currently working to normal operating hours.  Saturday to Monday 8am-1pm.  We are currently reviewing opening times outside these hours.
  • Pomona Waste Transfer Station remains closed until a damage inspection can be completed.

Weekly Kerbside Bin Collection 

  • Waste collection will be working to its normal schedule if access can be safely obtained. Waste collection trucks are very heavy and there are some roads and bridges that will need to be assessed before the trucks can safely travel over them. Properties along Pomona Kin Kin Road or their side roads will not be serviced this week due to load limits on the road. Council is working with TMR regarding the possibility of waste collection vehicles using this road. Some services in and around Cooran, Pinbarren and Kin Kin may also be affected if access is unable to be safely obtained.
  • Residents should put out their general waste bin on their normal scheduled bin collection day however if bins don't get collected on their scheduled day then they should be left out until they can be safely collected. 
  • Residents whose recycling waste bin was not collected last week should also put it out on this week's collection day except for Kin Kin, Cooran and Pinbarren where recycling collection is to be undertaken this Saturday 05 March, weather and access permitting. 
  • There is a delay in supply of new or replacement waste bins. Council will prioritise residents who are without any general waste bin.

Some residents have asked council to waive landfill fees for all residents or offer kerbside collection of bulky items. Council will not be offering these broadscale options due to the cost and logistics involved. This approach would generate excess material to landfill which may otherwise have been recycled. Instead, council is providing targeted, support services to those residents most in need. If you have flood/storm cover insurance, waste disposal of flood damaged items will normally be covered under your policy however you should contact your insurance provider prior to disposal of flood damaged items. For those people without insurance and facing hardship, financial assistance is available to cover costs such as waste disposal - more information on this can be obtained by phoning 1800 173 349.

Tips on handling Flood damaged goods/materials

Only handle flood damaged goods or materials if it is safe to do so.

Be mindful of Asbestos containing materials which can found all around the home, especially in homes constructed prior to the 1990s. 

  • If items are small and non-recyclable, and they can be placed into your general waste bin, then you should do so.
  • If items are large or bulky they can be taken directly to Eumundi Rd landfill (or Cooroy/Pomona dependant on opening hours) or contact a private contractor to assist.
  • A list of skip bin operators can be found here:
  • For those people with insurance, you will generally need to document (eg photograph) the flood damaged items and keep receipts for any costs in removing them and taking them to landfill.

Chilli Bins 1800 358 955  www.chillibins.com.au

Whale Bins 5445 6355   www.whalebins.com.au

Suncoast Skips  1800 239 594  www.suncoastskips.com.au

Kartaway Mini Slips  5443 4048     https://www.kartaway.com.au/sunshine-coast-skip-bin-hire/

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