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Noosa Shire Council

View the Noosa Plan View the Noosa Plan

Download the Noosa Plan (27 November 2017)

Shire Wide Locality Map [2.2MB]

Strategy Map [2.4MB]

Part 1 Introduction [253KB]

Part 2 Interpretation & Dictionary [624KB]

Part 3 Desired Environmental Outcome [205KB]

Part 4 Boreen Point, Kin Kin and Cootharaba [765KB]

Part 4 Zone Map Boreen Point Kin Kin Cootharaba [2.79MB]

Part 5 Cooroibah [572MB]

Part 5 Zone Map Cooroibah [2.94MB]

Part 6 Cooroy & Lake Macdonald [951KB]

Part 6  Zone Map Cooroy Lake Macdonald [2.84MB]

Part 7 Eastern Beaches  [113KB]

Part 7 Zone Map Eastern Beaches [3.71MB]

Part 8 Mary River Catchment [894KB]

Part 8 Zone Map Mary River [4.763MB]

Part 9 Noosa Heads  [870KB]

Part 9 Zone Map Noosa Heads [3.65MB]

Part 10 Noosa North Shore [833KB]

Part 10 Zone Map Noosa North Shore [4.61MB]

Part 11 Noosaville [1.12MB]

Part 11 Zone Map Noosaville [3.71MB]

Part 12 Tewantin & Doonan [391KB]

Part 12 Zone Map Tewantin [3.4MB]

Part 13 Overlays [473KB]

Part 14 - Codes [3.11MB]


Part 15 – Priority Infrastructure Plan

Schedule 1 – Minimum Boundary Setbacks [242KB]

Schedule 2 – Erosion and Sediment Control Assessment [244KB]

Schedule 3 – Heritage sites [246KB]

Shire Business Centre (schedule) [4.5KB]

Schedule 4 – Shire Business Centre (Map) [2.0MB]  

Schedule 5 – Networks [10KB]

Schedule 6 – Plans of development and conditions of approval [64KB]

Schedule 7 – Koala habitat areas  [2.5MB]

Schedule 7- Map [2.5MB] 

Schedule 8 – Demolition and Construction Waste Management [154KB]


Planning Scheme Policies

Planning scheme policies are planning instruments that support the local aspects of the planning scheme.

PSP01 Information council may request [133KB]

PSP02 Council may seek Third Party comment or advice [65KB]

PSP03 Landscaping plants and guidelines [1.4MB]

PSP04 Domestic Marine Uses outside Noosa Waters Estate [467KB]

PSP05 Engineering design standards-roads, drainage and earthworks [254KB]

PSP06 Engineering design standards-Water and sewerage [755KB]

PSP07 Performance Bonds [104KB]

PSP08 Tennis and Other Courts [91KB]

PSP09 Waste Management [651KB]

PSP10 Site Analysis Plans [88KB]

PSP11 Waste Management Plans [107KB]

PSP14 Outdoor Dining [171KB]

PSP18 Ecological Assessment Guidelines [304KB]

PSP19 Nominations for Inclusion in/or Removal from Heritage Sites  [84KB]

PSP21 Alternative Dispute Resolution [86KB]

PSP23 Telecommunication Towers [94KB]

PSP24 Effluent Disposal [241KB]

PSP25 Domestic Marine Uses in Noosa Waters [113KB]

PSP26 Motorcycle and Scooter Parking [18KB] 


User Guides

User Guide Secondary Dwelling [49KB]

User Guide Visitor Accommodation [56KB]

User Guide Home-Based Business [52KB]

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