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Noosa Shire Council

View the Noosa Plan View the Noosa Plan

Download the Noosa Plan (08 June 2018)

Shire Wide Locality Map [2.2MB]

Strategy Map [2.4MB]

Preliminary Pages [41KB]

Part 1 Introduction [253KB]

Part 2 Interpretation & Dictionary [624KB]

Part 3 Desired Environmental Outcome [205KB]

Part 4 Boreen Point, Kin Kin and Cootharaba [765KB]

Part 4 Zone Map Boreen Point Kin Kin Cootharaba [2.79MB]

Part 5 Cooroibah [572MB]

Part 5 Zone Map Cooroibah [2.94MB]

Part 6 Cooroy & Lake Macdonald [951KB]

Part 6  Zone Map Cooroy Lake Macdonald [2.84MB]

Part 7 Eastern Beaches  [113KB]

Part 7 Zone Map Eastern Beaches [3.71MB]

Part 8 Mary River Catchment [894KB]

Part 8 Zone Map Mary River [4.763MB]

Part 9 Noosa Heads  [870KB]

Part 9 Zone Map Noosa Heads [3.65MB]

Part 10 Noosa North Shore [833KB]

Part 10 Zone Map Noosa North Shore [4.61MB]

Part 11 Noosaville [1.12MB]

Part 11 Zone Map Noosaville [3.71MB]

Part 12 Tewantin & Doonan [391KB]

Part 12 Zone Map Tewantin [3.4MB]

Part 13 Overlays [473KB]

Part 14 - Codes [3.11MB]


Part 15 - Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) [177KB]

Schedule 1 – Minimum Boundary Setbacks [242KB]

Schedule 2 – Erosion and Sediment Control Assessment [244KB]

Schedule 3 – Heritage sites [246KB]

Shire Business Centre (schedule) [4.5KB]

Schedule 4 – Shire Business Centre (Map) [2.0MB]  

Schedule 5 – Networks [10KB]

Schedule 6 – Plans of development and conditions of approval [64KB]

Schedule 7 – Koala habitat areas  [2.5MB]

Schedule 7- Map [2.5MB] 

Schedule 8 – Demolition and Construction Waste Management [154KB]

Schedule 9 - Local government infrastructure plan mapping and tables

LGIP Additional Documents

Planning Scheme Policies

Planning scheme policies are planning instruments that support the local aspects of the planning scheme.

PSP01 Information council may request [133KB]

PSP02 Council may seek Third Party comment or advice [65KB]

PSP03 Landscaping plants and guidelines [1.4MB]

PSP04 Domestic Marine Uses outside Noosa Waters Estate [467KB]

PSP05 Engineering design standards-roads, drainage and earthworks [254KB]

PSP06 Engineering design standards-Water and sewerage [755KB]

PSP07 Performance Bonds [104KB]

PSP08 Tennis and Other Courts [91KB]

PSP09 Waste Management [651KB]

PSP10 Site Analysis Plans [88KB]

PSP11 Waste Management Plans [107KB]

PSP14 Outdoor Dining [171KB]

PSP18 Ecological Assessment Guidelines [304KB]

PSP19 Nominations for Inclusion in/or Removal from Heritage Sites  [84KB]

PSP21 Alternative Dispute Resolution [86KB]

PSP23 Telecommunication Towers [94KB]

PSP24 Effluent Disposal [241KB]

PSP25 Domestic Marine Uses in Noosa Waters [113KB]

PSP26 Motorcycle and Scooter Parking [18KB] 


User Guides

User Guide Visitor Accommodation [56KB]

User Guide Home-Based Business [52KB]

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