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Noosa Shire Council

Types of Disasters Types of Disasters

In 2011, Council assessed disaster risks across the region. It showed 24 hazards which may impact on the region. The highest risks are:


Flooding on the Sunshine Coast can occur any time of year but is most likely between October and May during the wet season. Storms usually occur from November to March and east coast low-pressure systems from January to June. Cyclones can occur from December to April. Remember If it's flooded, forget it.


The Coast's bushfire season starts in the dry season at the beginning of August. It runs through until the beginning of the wet season over summer.

Visit the Queensland Fire and Rescue Services website for the latest news on fire incidents on the Sunshine Coast.


A pandemic is a disease such as influenza which spreads rapidly across the globe including Australia resulting in numerous deaths.

Chemical Spill

Hazardous chemical spills can occur as a result of traffic, rail or industrial accidents or an oil spill from a ship offshore.

Weather events have been recorded over the past 50 years by the Bureau of Meteorology. Their website will give you a snapshot of the weather records and other pertinent information.


Instances of an earthquake are rare in the Noosa area, but they do occur. The best advice in the event of an earthquake is still Drop, cover and hold[256KB].

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