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Noosa Shire Council

Trees, plants and animals Trees, plants and animals

Noosa Council ensures the vegetation and animals in the shire are protected or managed by applying various programs and regulations:

  • Council has developed a Tree Management on Public Land Policy for the protection, management, enhancement and maintenance of the trees on public land within the Noosa Shire
  • regulate vegetation removal of plants and trees from private land
  • management flying fox programs
  • support numerous rescue and rehabilitation wildlife carers in the region to assist with injured wildlife
  • Council has developed a Koala Conservation Plan(PDF) to help conserve the Shire's Koalas and protect their habitat
  • undertakes a Biosecurity Surveillance Program on urban and rural properties across the Dhire in collaboration with landholders
  • a Biodiversity Assessment Report has been prepared to identify and map biodiversity values, key threats, conservation initiative and priorities
  • manage a range of programs for the control of pest animals throughout the Shire using trapping and targeted poison baiting programs
  • Council encourages and supports community efforts to help conserve one of Noosa's - and Australia's - threated species...the Glossy Black smallest and rarest of the black Cockatoos.
  • strategic actions and priorities for focussed weed and pest management
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