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Noosa Shire Council

The New Noosa Plan The New Noosa Plan

The New Noosa Plan is the draft planning scheme that will replace the current Noosa Plan 2006.
It strives to protect the look and feel of Noosa while providing a blueprint to shape the shire’s growth over the next 20 years. The New Noosa Plan is the culmination of several years of engaging with the community. A discussion paper in October 2016 provided community feedback and that information has helped prepare the New Noosa Plan.
The New Noosa Plan will facilitate more housing and business choices, continue the place based approach of the existing planning scheme, future transport needs and opportunities for rural enterprises. It considers how we live, work and play in the future.
It sets the rules for development including new or changing land uses, subdivision, building works, landscaping and clearing of vegetation and all forms of engineering works.
As required by the State Government, the New Noosa Plan differs from the current Noosa Plan with changes to the structure, zones and land use definitions in particular.
The New Noosa Plan has undergone a rigorous review by the State Government to ensure it complies with the Planning Act 2016, State Planning Policies, South East Queensland Regional Plan and other State interests.

The draft New Noosa Plan was first released for public consultation from 18 February – 20 May 2019. In response to submissions, a number of changes are now proposed that are considered “significant” under the Planning Act 2016 in terms of effect on land use outcomes and assessment requirements for certain types of development. 
At Noosa Council’s Special Meeting on 12 September 2019, Council endorsed changes to the draft New Noosa Plan that are considered “significantly different” to the previous version of the planning scheme advertised as specified for in the Planning Act 2016.
Only matters identified as “significant” are now on public notification. These include, but are not limited to—
  • The zoning of properties;
  • The approach to short term accommodation within various residential zones and other zones;
  • The provisions for the Major Centres at Eenie Creek Road and Noosa Junction;
  • The provisions for the Low Impact and Medium Impact Industry Zones;  
  • The Riparian Buffers shown on Biodiversity Overlay maps;
  • Mapping and provisions of the Coastal Protection Overlay; and
  • The Reconfiguring a Lot Code.  
All submissions already made to the draft New Noosa Plan during the first public consultation stage are still under consideration and will be reported to Council at the conclusion of this additional public notification period. 
The “significant” changes to the draft New Noosa Plan can be viewed online now.
Any person may make a submission about the “significant” changes to the draft New Noosa Plan during the consultation period, which started on Monday 16 September 2019 and ends on Monday 11 November 2019.
Submissions must—
  • state the name and residential or business address of all persons making the submission;
  • state at least one postal or electronic address for contacting the submitter(s);
  • be signed by each person making the submission;
  • state the grounds, and the facts and circumstances relied on to support the grounds; 
  • be posted to Noosa Council, PO Box 141, Tewantin QLD 4565; 
  • emailed to ; or 
  • physically submitted at Council’s offices
As required by the State Government, the New Noosa Plan will differ from the existing Noosa Plan with changes to the structure, zones and land use definitions in particular.  
When it is finally adopted by council the New Noosa Plan will reflect several years of work, including input from the community and State government.
If you need more information please call Strategic Planning direct on 07 5329 6360 or visit our office at 3 Pelican St, Tewantin (2 doors down from the main council building) Office hours are 9am-2pm or by appointment.
If you would like to view the Draft Planning Scheme that was available during our 1st round of consultation (18 Feb-20 May 19) please use this LINK to E-Plan. Please note this version does not show the "significant changes" that were made as a result of submissions received. For these changes you will need to refer to the PDF's in the Document Library section of Your Say Noosa. 
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