Sport & Active Recreation Planning

The Noosa Sport and Active Recreation Plan provides an understanding of the current position and potential for future development of the local sport and active recreation sector from grass roots to elite participation, including administration and coaching. Additionally, the plan has identified key stakeholders (including Council) and how they support the mechanisms that enable residents and visitors to fully participate in the sector as a provider or participant.Yoga in the park


Master Plans

Definitions of Sport and Active Recreation

For the purpose of the Plan it was essential to clearly define both “sport” and “active recreation”.


  • has formalised rules, competition and conditions of play
  • has a formalised structure and a recognised representative body at a regional, state and/or national level

“Active Recreation”

  • activities that require some level of physical exertion as a core element (above a baseline level) and are undertaken by people for enjoyment in their own free time with a reasonable expectation that participation will increase physical fitness
  • may include indoor or outdoor activities

Key Findings

  • While children are more likely to be physically active through a sports club than any other avenue, sports clubs are not the main choice for physical activity participation for adults who have a preference toward non-sport related activities that fit around busy lifestyles
  • Swimming at a beach or natural water way, walking, mountain biking, bushwalking and cycling are the top physical activities for Noosa residents who completed the survey.
  • Highest memberships within a formal or organised setting for physical activity were recorded for gyms, golf, tennis, gymnastics and soccer.
  • 144 organisations provide sport and active recreation opportunities in the Shire with 44% run by commercial operators and 48% by not for profit groups.
  • 45% of facilities providing sport and active recreation opportunities in the Shire are privately owned, with council only controlling about one third of all venues.
  • Government, not for profit and commercial providers of sport and active recreation need to work together to meet the current and future physical activity needs of residents and visitors

Community Consultation

To ensure the plan is evidenced-based, Council sought data and information from local not-for-profit sporting groups, commercial providers of sport or active recreation activities (see scope for definition of “active recreation”), State and Regional Sporting Organisations and Noosa residents and visitors.

  • Over 350 residents, 32 businesses, 38 sports clubs, 57 peak sporting bodies and State Government bodies have already contributed information for the Draft Plan.
  • A Community Reference Group of interested residents was formed to help direct and inform the Draft Plan
  • Public feedback on the Draft Plan was received from July 21 to August 25 2017
  • The draft plan was launched for public feedback at Noosa Springs resort. the key note speaker, Wayne Goldsmith, stimulated the crowd's thinking about how they will 'survive' in a changing and challenging industry. View the video on Noosa Counci's Youtube Channel.

Regional Facilities Plan for Difficult to Locate Sports

Some sports are more noisy than others. In order to maintain 'amenity' (peace and quiet) in our communities they usually cannot be conducted within suburban areas. These sports are known as difficult to locate, meaning challenging to locate so that everybody is comfortable. The completed plan, known as Regional Facilities Plan for Difficult to Locate Sports February 2019, has been put together by three Council's, Gympie, Noosa and Sunshine Coast.

Action 3.1 under the Noosa Sport and Active Recreation Implementation Plan 2018 states 'Develop and endorse the Regional Difficult to Locate Sports Facilities Plan in partnership with Gympie and Sunshine Coast Councils'. This plan was endorsed by all three Councils in March 2019.

Come & Try Sports Afternoon.

The Community Development team host two 'Come & Try' sports days each year for children to experience individual Summer and Winter Sports available. The Winter sport Come & Try event is held in February each year and the Summer sport Come & Try event is held in August.

Sports Field Audit Forum

A sports turf consultant has audited sports fields around Noosa Shire. Council hosted a forum as a chance for sporting clubs to ask questions about how best to manage their fields. Here are the audit details.

The Independent Turf Consultant gave this presentation [7MB] to the sporting clubs.