Criterium Cycling Track

The criterium cycling track offers a fantastic new recreation facility for the community to use and enjoy. A cycling "criterium" track is a self-contained road circuit for criterium races and offers all cyclists a safe recreation and training venue dedicated entirely to their use, free from other vehicles. Whether you enjoy a social ride, harbour dreams to become a professional cyclist or ride competitively, the track will suit your level of skill or fitness.

The Girraween Criterium Cycling Track is approximately 914m in length and is designed to be used by cyclists only.


The track is free for use by the public except when booked for organised events. A noticeboard indicates whether the track is open or closed to the public. In addition, you can view the online events calendar to ensure the track is available at the time and date you wish to use it.


To book the track call Council on 5329 6500. Additionally, a permit is required where exclusive use, a large number of riders or an activity is taking place that would pose a problem for casual riders. Please complete the form below and follow the instructions.

Whether you are planning a new event for the Sunshine Coast region, or hosting an event previously held on the Sunshine Coast, please contact council's customer service centre to discuss your event before you complete the event application form.

Conditions of use

All cyclists must obey the following track rules when using the criterium track at the Girraween Sports Complex.

  • Care should be taken when overtaking children or inexperienced cyclists
  • Slower riders keep to the left
  • Overtake on the right
  • Ride in a clockwise direction only
  • Organisers of a planned event may change this procedure at their discretion but must advise all users prior to their participation
  • Avoid sudden braking or direction changes
  • You must wear a helmet. It's the Law
  • Lights must be used before sunrise and after sunset
  • Ride within your limits and be considerate to all users
  • Circuit use may be restricted for safety reasons at various times for special events
  • People using this facility do so at their own risk.
  • Warning: high speed users of this circuit regularly exceed speeds of 50kph. Please take care

Other rules of the complex include:

  • No dogs or pedestrians including joggers permitted on criterium track
  • No motorised vehicles permitted on criterium track
  • No skateboards or scooters permitted on track
  • Please remove all rubbish and place in bins.

In the case of wet weather, major events or maintenance work, council reserves the right to close the facility for the health and safety of all users.