Noosa Trail Network Overview

Mountain bike riders

Trail one: The 14 kilometre Kin Kin Countryside Loop Trail takes approximately two hours on horseback or four hours on foot. This is a relaxing rural walk trail through the countryside. Pass through mango farms, rolling hills and herds of goats, cattle and dairy cows. Take your lunch and drinking water and enjoy a picnic at either Sheppersons Park or Grady's Park, where picnic tables, water tanks, troughs and hitching rails are located. Alternatively, enjoy lunch and an ale at the historic Kin Kin Country Life Hotel.

Cootharaba views

Trail two: The Scenic Trail is 26 kilometres one way. This trail takes approximately five hours to complete on horseback, or two days to walk one-way. A high-level of fitness is required due to the steep hill climbs to reach the trail's four lookouts. Camp overnight at either Middle Lookout or Cootharaba Views Lookout. The adventurous who want to undertake the full circuit may like to stay at Kin Kin overnight and return to Cooran via Trail Three.

Ewarts Rd

Trail three: The Kin Kin to Cooran Trail via Western Branch Road is 22 kilometres one way. There are no overnight camping facilities along the trail, however, it is possible to walk from Kin Kin to Cooran or vice-versa in one day if you leave early in the morning. Only reasonably fit people should attempt to do this trail as it is a steep hill climb to James McKane Memorial Lookout. This trail passes through luscious rainforest and tall, open Eucalypt forests.

Twin hill lookout

Trail four: Kin Kin to Lake MacDonald is 26 kilometres one-way.
This trail crosses a variety of ground from open grassy paddocks to woodland forest. You will experience spectacular lookouts and cross through rural residential developments at Lake Macdonald.

Mt Cooran

Trail five: Pomona to Cooran is 10 kilometres one-way.
The trail has great views of Mt Cooran and Mt Cooroora. Learn about the region's heritage and view changing landscapes such as urban parkland, eucalypt forest and grazing land. A reasonable level of fitness is required to walk this 10-kilometre trail.

Cedar gully park dam

Trail six: Cudgerie Countryside Loop is a five-kilometre circuit. This is an easy circuit that winds its way around the rural residential subdivision of Cudgerie Estate. Parking is provided at the Community Hut located on Blueberry Drive.


Trail seven: Mac'n'Back trail (15 kilometres one way) is a relatively flat picturesque trail. The trail crosses Six Mile Creek and can easily be completed as a day walk. Be aware trail bikes are permitted in Yurol State Forest and this trail crosses Yurol Forest Drive, which has a speed limit of 100km/hr.


Trail eight: Cooroy Wanderer (11 kilometres one way) is a flat easy walking trail. For safety, horse riders are asked not to ride into the town of Cooroy but to start/finish at the float parking area on Mary River Road.