Support for Not-for-Profit Groups

Please see attached a 'Disaster Edition' of eNews for our Not-for-Profits and Volunteer organisations.

Noosa Council’s Community Development team provides a range of services for Not-for-Profit groups and organisations in our community including:

  • Providing grants and assistance with grant applications
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Support and advocacy for community groups
  • Maintenance assistance for Council’s assets used by community groups
  • Linking community groups together for partnerships and efficiency
  • Distribution of a regular e-newsletter with resources, news and opportunities called Noosa’s Community Connections eNews. Subscribe here

2022 Workshop and Event Calendar

Please note: This timetable is subject to change. Council will do our best to update and inform community of these changes. Additional workshops and events may be added to this program throughout the year.

Date and Time Workshop/Event Location Bookings
January - June Strategic Planning Workshops On site/underway Finalised

Kids Come and Try Sports Day

Online Flier

Grants information event


Mental Health First Aid - 23rd & 24th

Cooroy Library, 9 Maple Street



National Volunteers Week Breakfast

Tewantin RSL

Complete - link to workshop presentation


Heart Week - First Aid

Munna Point, Coast Guard.


June 10th & 11th 

ASIST training

Noosa Community Support Booking Link
August Online Grants Night (GNNN) TBC Coming soon
August 3rd Kids Come and Try Summer Sports Afternoon 31 Butler St, Tewantin. Booking Link coming soon
August -September

Adults Come and Try Active recreation activities

Noosa region New program soon. 2021 event flier
September 7th & 8th

Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries, Commitee members....RU OK?

Facilitated by Leisa Donlan.

Noosa Council Chambers, Level 3

9 Pelican Street, Tewantin 


Booking Link Coming soon

Previous event info


Seniors Week 


December 2nd

International Volunteers Day

TBC Booking link coming soon


Previously held workshops

  • RU Really Ok Workshops with Leisa Donlan, covering presentations for Presidents, Secretaries, Treasures and Committee Members  - September 2021
  • Social Media and Marketing for Community Groups Download the PDF copy of the presentation
  • Big Changes and Big Challenges for Community Organisations Download the PDF copy of the presentation
  • Communicating and Meeting during COVID - In this webinar we will be covering how to hold regular meetings or decision making using technology, how to manage your AGM and how to stay engaged with your members while you may not be seeing them so regularly. View the recording of this webinar.
  • Shut Down, Restart, Repeat - In this webinar, we will discuss how to document the process of shutting down for disaster in your particular club and what you need to consider for making plans to restart in the future without wasting too much time on uncertain outcomes. View the recording of this webinar.
  • Managing Money and Laws In An Ever-Changing Framework - In this webinar, we will be covering what you can do immediately to reduce future expenses, request refunds and handle them yourselves if members are asking, as well as an update on what laws might apply and what concessions you may be eligible for. View the recording of this webinar or see the Slideshow.
  • Is Our Strategic Plan Even Relevant Now? In this webinar we will discuss how to stay focused on the plan but innovate and change what outcomes that looked positive in 2019 now seem outdated and how to re-energise your members and bring them with you with great solutions that still meet those strategic objectives. View the recording of this webinar or see the Slideshow.
  • Funding For Recovery - As we move into recovery more funding opportunities are becoming available to assist associations and help get things (and people) moving again. The choices of what to apply for, how to apply and then how to manage the process if you are successful is going to need careful planning and management but it will be a good opportunity to actually grow your club. You’ll need to be ready to go and in this webinar, we will take you through what funding is available, from where and for what, so you can choose to get the best out of the available opportunities. View the slideshow of this webinar
  • Fraud Workshop for Community Organisations - this workshop provided preventative measures to protect your hard earned funds from temptation. Check out the presentation slides from Leisa Donlan & Office of Fair Trading.
  • Workplace Health & Safety Workshop - In this workshop we covered new legislation that has come into play, what not for profits need to understand and are responsible for to keep their members and volunteers safe. Check out the presentation slides here [3.73MB].
  • Secretaries' Meetup and Workshop - In this workshop we covered the huge role of the secretary within the law and within the organisation itself. Check out the presentation slides here [2360KB].
  • Presidents' Meetup and Workshop - In this workshop we covered all aspects of meetings and how to make them actually work for your organisation, and the legal changes you need in your processes to make sure you are legally compliant. Check out the presentation slides here [1454KB] or recommended templates: Committee Meeting Agenda [43KB], AGM Agenda [41KB], Member Protection Policy [791KB].
  • Treasurer's Meetup and Workshop - This workshop gave Noosa community group treasurers a great chance to meet, chat, and answer each other’s questions on everything weird and wonderful in treasurer’s land. Check out the Check out the presentation slides here. [5838KB]


Need assistance with incorporation? - Contact The Office of Fair Trading to set up an incorporated association. It also provides information on responsibilities once incorporated, and forms and fees and how to run the incorporated association, financial responsibilities for incorporated associations and even closing down an incorporated association on The Office of Fair Trading website.


Planning is a critical part of good governance and serves as a compass for the direction of an organisation’s future. The key components of planning include an understanding of the organisation’s vision, mission, values and strategies. There are a number of templates and websites that can assist:


Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS) [554KB] is a specialist insurance provider established in consultation with Local Government Australia to manage insurance needs of clubs, associations and community groups within Australia. LCIS aims to assist not for profit organisations that meet the following characteristics:

  • Provide services to the broader community
  • Have a turnover / funding of up to $5 million per annum
  • Do not distribute profits to members
  • Consist mainly of volunteers

Resources about Queensland laws for Queensland organisations

Not-for-profit Law is a gold mine of information for community organisations.

Queensland Governments Volunteer information

Volunteering is a great way to contribute to your community. It provides a variety of benefits, including making new friends, sharing skills, getting job-ready and becoming a part of the local community. For more information about jobs, opportunities, funding and all there is volunteering to know, click here.

Doing Building Works on Council Land

If your organisation is occupying (lease or permit) Noosa Council property you will need Noosa Council's consent before conducting any building works, internal or external. Liaise with your Community Development Officer and complete the Checklist for New Works on Council Owned or Controlled Land (MS Word.doc or PDF) and follow these guidelines to obtain Building Approval.

Sports Field Audit Forum

A sports turf consultant has audited sports fields around Noosa Shire. Council hosted a forum as a chance for sporting clubs to ask questions about how best to manage their fields. Here are the audit details.

The Independent Turf Consultant gave this presentation [7MB] to the sporting clubs.