Road and stormwater network recovery

Flood damaged road

The 2022 flood events have impacted around 125 Noosa Shire roads.  Impacts include potholes, scours to the roads and softened edges.  Some of these issues were a direct result of the flood and so the repairs will be funded under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA). However, there are other road reconstruction works required as a result of ongoing wet weather, and these repairs are not covered by the DRFA funding.    

Despite the significant challenge the recovery effort presents, Council is committed to ensuring the safety of road users and prioritising the needs of residents most impacted by the damage.

While rain continues to fall and roads remain wet, some of the temporary repairs will be of limited benefit. Council appreciates the community's patience and understanding while we continue to investigate permanent solutions. 

Some areas will require asphalt resurfacing, bitumen resealing, road grading and gravel works to provide long-term fixes. To ensure other work projects aren't affected by flood recovery efforts, Council plans to enlist a mix of contractors as well as in-house resources to do this work.

Residents are asked to drive to conditions and take notice of any signage that may have been placed at sites impacted by flood damage. 

View information on roads impacted by flooding

View information on progress of Black Mountain Landslip

View information on progress of landslip recovery after floods

Schreibers rd flood damage

Water crossings and stormwater outlets

These works will undertake a phased process as follows: 

Phase 1: Water crossings require civil engineering and hydrological engineering to determine the best course of remediation. Stormwater areas will require civil and stormwater engineering to determine the options available to Council for remediation. 
Phase 2: Submission to the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) to gain approved funding from the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).  Timing of submission may need to wait until the funding grant is released by QRA. 
Phase 3: Design and environmental approvals. 
Phase 4: Construction. 

This list below provides the progress status of each of these sites:

Water crossings

Golden Gully Road #19, Kin Kin
Phase 1 - In progress

Golden Gully Road #87, Kin Kin
Phase 1 - In progress

Schreibers Road #159, Cooran
Phase 1 - In progress

Schreibers Road #269, Cooran
Phase 1 - In progress

Schreibers Road #390, Cooran
Phase 1 - In progress

Stormwater outlets

Castaways Creek, Castaways Beach
Phase 1 - Investigation

Ross Crescent, Sunshine Beach
Phase 1 - Investigation

Seaview Terrace, Sunshine Beach
Phase 1 - Investigation

Burgess Creek, Sunrise Beach
Phase 1 - Investigation

Sobraon Street, Sunrise Beach
Phase 1 - Investigation