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Noosa Shire Council

Property Searches Property Searches

Council can perform a variety of property searches.

Complete the online property search request, along with payment for the search.

Types of searches

  • Rate search
  • Flooding
  • Environment (Biodiversity Unit)
  • Business licensing/health and environment
  • Planning and development certificates
  • Health inspection of premises
  • Plumbing records and as constructed plans
  • Building information (including extracts, compliance, swimming pool/spa fencing and certificate of classification)
  • Searches used in conveyancing

Full details of the various searches are available here. [180KB]

Disclaimer: Council accepts no liability for intending purchasers failing to request appropriate searches. Council does not represent or warrant that all information in a search is accurate.

For the Swimming Pool Fence Compliance Advice search, see Swimming Pool Regulations.

Planning certificates

You can access council's planning and development records, plans and guidelines at council office, level 2 front counter, 9 Pelican Street, Tewantin.  Alternatively some application material may be able to be forwarded by email depending on the size of documents or made available on CD.

Written advice (for jetties or specific planning matters)

This is a customised search request where you can ask for planning related information and questions such as:

  • Inspection and confirmation that a jetty complies with Council’s requirements
  • Information to accompany a Liquor Licensing application, including details of the approved use for the site and operating hours
  • Information when purchasing a premises or leasing a tenancy, including advice on the approved uses for the site
  • Advice on how to seek approval for a business
  • Advice on making changes to an existing business or building, and outdoor dining areas
  • Specific information relating to development approval, including copies of the approval and plans
  • Specific advice on Infrastructure Charges that will apply to a proposed development, including credit arrangements and offsets for ‘trunk’ infrastructure provision

Requests can be made online, or send in a written advice by letter or email (no form required). A link for an online payment will be forwarded on receipt of your request.

Search results timeframe

The timeframe for processing the searches depends on the type of request. Council processes most searches within ten business days.

Access details

Council may need the phone number of the occupant or the agent holding the key. This is so council officers can arrange inspections of the property. When requesting a full on-site building search, an 'authority to enter' may be required.

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