Property Searches

Council offers a variety of searches useful before buying a property or starting up a business to help inform your decision.  These searches will help you understand any issues relevant to the property, for example, if the property floods or if the property is approved for use as a shop or office.

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Disclaimer: Council accepts no liability for intending purchasers failing to request appropriate searches. Council does not represent or warrant that all information in a search is accurate.

  • This is a customised planning search request for specific planning matters or jetties where you can ask for planning related information or ask a specific question such as:

    • Inspection and confirmation that a jetty complies with Council’s requirements
    • Information to accompany a Liquor Licensing application, including details of the approved use for the site, area and operating hours
    • Information when purchasing a premises or leasing a tenancy, including advice on the approved uses for the site
    • Advice on how to seek approval for a business
    • Advice on making changes to an existing business or building, and outdoor dining areas
    • Specific information relating to development approval, including copies of the approval and plans
    • Specific advice on Infrastructure Charges that will apply to a proposed development, including credit arrangements and offsets for ‘trunk’ infrastructure provision
    • A property owner wishing to confirm or who is unsure, if a property has existing rights for short-term accommodation - form required.

    Please send in a written advice request by letter or email (no form required - except for Existing Use Rights form) and allow 10 business days for Written Advice. A link for an online payment will be forwarded on receipt of your request. Fees apply.

  • The Standard Property Search includes a Rates Search and property development information relating to the premises such as planning scheme details, effluent disposal requirements, building envelopes, special property development requirement notes and general advice on easements, flooding, water and sewer.  This type of search is usually requested by solicitors, conveyancers, designers and building certifiers.

    Standard property search requests can be made online, please allow 10 business days for this search.

  • There are 2 types of flood searches that can be undertaken to understand more about flooding for a specific parcel of land:

    Flood Search Certificate

    This search will provide information in regard to whether the subject property is mapped by the flood hazard overlay, provide modelled flood levels, historical flood levels (if available) and minimum floor heights. This type of search is usually requested by solicitors, conveyancers, designers and building certifiers.

    Flood Search Certificate request can be made online, please allow 10 business days for this request.   

    Advanced Flood Search

    This search is more relevant to multiple lots or large scale developments. This search may also include access to Council’s flood modelling data. This type of search is usually requested by developers and their associated consultants.

    Please request Advanced Flood Search by email and allow 20 business days for an Advanced Flood Search.

  • Searches available for Building and Plumbing include 

    • Building records – includes types of work approved and final inspection dates.
    • Building plans.
    • Building Certificate of Classification for commercial properties.
    • Building document from file – priced per document requested eg inspection certificate, decision notice.
    • Plumbing records – includes types of work approved and final inspection dates.
    • Plumbing as constructed sanitary drainage plans. 
    • Plumbing final compliance certificate.
    • Backflow Prevention Device list of devices at property.

    Important to note

    • Advanced search includes a site inspection.
    • Stormwater as constructed plans are not a mandatory document submission and therefore are not available.
    • All Building and Plumbing search requests are non refundable.

    Building and Plumbing Searches request can be made on line, please allow 10 business days for this search.

  • Rates Search can be made online, please select Rates search from categories and allow 10 business days to complete this request.

  • Different Health Searches can be made online, please select appropriate health search from categories.

    When a health search is requested, the consent of the current business owner/s is mandatory. Please supply written consent to council before the search can proceed.

  • Council may need the phone number of the occupant or the agent holding the key. This is so council officers can arrange inspections of the property. When requesting a full on-site building search, an 'authority to enter' may be required.