Noosa Parade Upgrade

Noosa Parade aerial imageNoosa Parade forms part of the SEQ Principal Cycle Network and is arguably one of Noosa’s busiest routes for pedestrian and cyclist activity. This activity is driven by its location within the tourist accommodation precinct and proximity to Hastings Street, Noosa Main Beach, and the Noosa National Park. Noosa Parade is a busy gateway into the Noosa Heads precinct at peak times.

Construction of the 1.2km upgrade started in February 2022 and will take approximately nine months to complete, weather and construction conditions permitting.

The major upgrade will provide improved and safer access for all road users by:

  • reducing the speed limit to 40km/h
  • providing dedicated and continuous on-road cycle lanes in both directions
  • upgrading the northern pathway to 2.5m wide and 3m wide where possible
  • upgrading the southern pathway to 1.5m wide
  • providing eight mid-block pedestrian refuges
  • installing improved LED lighting.

Work will also include enhanced landscaping and new trees that will provide extra shade and improve visual amenity.

The $8 million project is partially funded by the Department of Transport and Main Roads under the Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program (CNLGGP) with the balance funded by Council.

Bellwether Contractors Pty Ltd is the contractor delivering the project.

The final designs are available to view here.

Scroll down the page to view our frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Construction of the 1.2km upgrade started in February 2022 and will take approximately nine months to complete, weather and construction conditions permitting. 

    Construction of will be divided into three stages (timing may vary depending on construction schedule and weather - please refer to the latest Project News for most up to date contruction schedule information):

    • Stage One (Feb to June 2022) Munna Point Bridge to Lagoona Drive, Noosa Parade
    • Stage Two (June to Sept 2022) Lagoona Drive to Ravenwood Drive, Noosa Parade
    • Stage Three (Sept to Oct 2022) Ravenwood Drive to Garth Prowd Bridge
    Noosa Parade Project map

    Noosa Parade Project map



  • Construction will take place Monday to Friday from 6am to 6pm. If construction requires work to be conducted outside of these times, impacted residents will be notified in advance via letterbox drop and the wider community will be notified by updates on Council’s webpage or social media platforms as well as VMS signage on Noosa Parade.

  • The central median will be narrowed to allow for the on-road cycle lanes and pedestrian refuges. There will be no impact on the width of existing traffic lanes. Some narrowing of the footpath and nature strip area on the southern side is also required.

  • While an on-road cycle path is provided, in Queensland, bike riders of all ages can legally ride on the footpath unless otherwise signed. Bike riders must keep left and give way to pedestrians.

    Austroads’ guidelines recommend a desirable minimum path width of 2.5m for local access paths when developing engineering solutions to reduce conflict between pedestrians and bike riders.

  • This project will have minimal impact on existing on-street parking. While some parking will need to be removed for the installation of the pedestrian refuges, approximately 92 parks on the northern side and 114 parks on the southern side will be retained.

  • Motorists should expect minor delays if travelling through the work site.

    As construction progresses, parking bays will be closed stage by stage to allow this roadway to become temporary traffic lanes.

    Residents and road users will be notified of these closures via letterbox drop, parking signage and VMS boards prior to their closure.

    If you usually park a vehicle or boat trailer along Noosa Parade, you will need to make alternate arrangements during construction. Parking bays will reopen as each stage is completed.

    Speed will be reduced to 40km/h during construction and remain at 40km/h once the construction work is completed. Motorists are advised to drive to the changed conditions, follow signage, and allow additional travel time.

  • Yes. Public access to Noosa River through Bicentennial Park will be maintained whilst construction is underway. Signage will be in place to direct members of the public wanting to access the waterway for recreational activities.

  • Pedestrians and cyclists may experience changed conditions along Noosa Parade while work is underway and are advised to follow signage and exercise caution when travelling through the construction area.

    The new pathways will be constructed on one side of Noosa Parade at a time, ensuring pedestrians and cyclists can still travel through the construction zone. Cyclists can also use the temporary roadway which will have a reduced speed limit of 40km/h.  

  • An arborist has assessed all the trees in the project site and, unfortunately, some of these trees are causing significant damage to private and public infrastructure.

    Council will be planting over 350 new trees to replace trees removed as well as approximately 8000 shrubs and ground cover plants. This new landscaping will not only improve visual amenity, but will also provide shade for people using the pathways and crossings.

  • The Noosa Parade planting strategy aims to establish a sustainable urban village environment with the high standards of street planning, design and construction. The planting areas for the public space will use suitable softscape principles that provide scale, amenity, character and identity to complement the existing character of the area.

    The plantings will grow into a lush sub-tropical streetscape, characterised by a range of medium to large coastal trees with upright and spreading canopy; supported by understory species. Both broad and massed vegetation types have been reintroduced to public space areas as part of this strategy, utilising where possible, either endemic, native or naturalised species with a proven track record within Noosa Heads.

    Council have secured advanced or mature stock, ensuring a high landscape street character environment from day one. The design spacings and layout have further considered the growth cycle of each species. Vehicular, cyclist and pedestrian line of sight, safety, legibility, service/utility locations and maintenance are a few critical considerations in the development of the selected species palette.

  • The overall coastal naturalized themes of the planting palette will reinforce the local character, increase habitat value, improve amenity and decrease maintenance and water demand requirements for Noosa Parade.

    The planting list below highlights the species diversity and structured softscape approach of Noosa Parade streetscape upgrade:

    • bottlebrushes (callistemon firebrand)
    • midjim berries (austromyrtus dulcis)
    • lemon scented myrtle (backhousia citriodora)
    • coastal spider lilies (hymenocallis littoralis)
    • golden penda (xanthostemon chrythanus)
    • a variety of lilly pillies.
  • Ferries and buses will continue to operate to regular timetables. Council is also trialling free local buses every weekend for a 12 month period on all existing TransLink buses travelling within Noosa. The trial includes existing TransLink services 626, 627, 628, 629 and 632 covering Tewantin, Sunshine Beach, Sunrise Beach, Noosa Heads, Parklands, Noosa Junction, Noosaville, Cooran, Cooroy and Pomona. For timetable information on routes 626, 627, 628, 629, and 632 visit TransLink or call TransLink on 13 12 30.

  • As detailed in the landscape design package, final path alignment and landscape treatments were dependent upon service locations, required access points, final car parking layouts, appropriate radii of curves for optimal cycling activity and the retention of trees where possible. HV electrical cabling needed to be accommodated which has meant changes to the median island width in some sections and subsequent changes to the treatment of the road verge between the kerb and footpath.

    For the southern verge, a turfed verge between the kerb and footpath will be provided.  For the northern verge, the area between the kerb and footpath will be a combination of infill concrete and vegetated garden beds.  The change when compared to the southern verge is due to the combination of tree cover, pedestrian traffic and parked vehicles affecting the design life of turf.

  • In Noosa, it is legal to ride a bicycle, e-bike, e-skateboard and e-scooter on the footpath unless otherwise signed. Riders must keep left and give way to pedestrians. E-mobility riders must be over 16 years of age, or 12 with adult supervision. E-bikes must not exceed 25km per hour and e-scooters 12km per hour. For more information, please see Noosa Council’s local laws, and visit

  • Old kerb Noosa Parade

    Old kerb

    To meet current standard the shoulder kerb profile has changed from a semi mountable kerb to a barrier kerb. This change will also protect pedestrians along the verge and retain vehicles within the on road parallel car parking bays.

    New kerb Noosa Parade

    New kerb


  • The street lighting along Noosa Parade is being upgraded as part of the road corridor work in order to meet current lighting design standards. The existing light levels are minimal, and the proposed design will achieve improved lighting levels for safety on the road and the pathways.

    Placement of the light poles was carefully considered as part of the design process to ensure minimal light spill impacts to properties.  In addition, these light poles will have high performance power saving LEDs which will also minimizes lighting “spill” into residences along Noosa Parade. The light poles will be painted black which will help them blend into the vegetation and maintain the Noosa ‘look and feel’ in accordance with Noosa’s design principles.

  • The entire 1.2km stretch of the corridor will be resurfaced as part of the upgrade. Whilst the pathway construction and landscaping components of the upgrade are being delivered in stages to minimise parking and traffic impacts, the road reseal will be undertaken across a two week period along the entire 1.2km stretch of the corridor to ensure a smooth and consistent road surface as well as minimise impacts on motorists.

    Final line marking including marking the 1.6m cycle lane will be completed following the resurfacing. Existing alignments will be retained until this time.

  • The resurfacing work is being delivered as nightworks starting from the Munna Point Bridge, northern lane,  through to Garth Prowd Bridge. Resurfacing will then be completed on the southern land starting at the Garth Prowd Bridge through to Munna Point Bridge.

    Delivering these works as nightworks will realise efficiencies and minimise the impact on parking along Noosa Parade as well as impacts on traffic and public transport along this busy corridor. Properties along Noosa Parade will experience some disturbance as the work moves past their residence, including audible noise from heavy machinery, reversing beepers and flashing lights. Lighting towers will also be used in the work area to ensure the safety of workers and motorists. Asphalting works will be completed between Sundays and Thursdays from 6pm til 6am.

  • All on-street parking bays along Noosa Parade between the Munna Point Bridge and the Garth Prowd Bridge must be temporarily removed to allow for the road surface to be replaced. The parking will be temporarily removed from 5pm, Friday 16 September 2022. If you usually park a vehicle or boat trailer in this section of Noosa Parade, you will need to make alternate arrangements while construction is underway. Vehicles in the work zone will be towed. Motorists are encouraged to use onstreet parking in adjoining side streets.

    Parking will be reinstated as soon as asphalting is completed which is expected to be approximately two weeks.

  • Council is committed to investing in infrastructure to get more people riding a bike and walking across the shire. The Noosa Trails Masterplan, which launched in July 2020, seeks to create a world-class trail network linking the coast to the hinterland. The cost of this project once completed is estimated to reach $9 million. A $1.6 million Local Economic Recovery Grant has just been received to fund the first stage of the project from Pomona to Cooran.