Two tools to help in future natural disasters


Noosa residents and businesses can now better prepare for a natural disaster, with the release of the shire’s first Emergency Action Guide.

Produced by council and the Noosa Disaster Management Group, the 55-page guide has everything you need to know to prepare, respond and recover from disaster events.

Noosa Mayor and LDMG Chair Clare Stewart said being prepared is our best defence.

“This guide is not to alarm people, but ensure we all know what to do, where to go, and how to prepare and survive a natural disaster, “she said.

“But as we’re all too aware, Noosa has been impacted by severe weather events in the past.”

“This guide focuses on all types of natural disasters with the safety of you, your family and property the fundamental priority,” Cr Stewart said.

Council has also launched a new feature on its Disaster Dashboard with an opt-in notification system.

Known as Noosa ALERT, it provides subscribers with the latest news including weather warnings, emergency news and road closures via email and/or text message.

Cr Stewart said it’s another way to stay informed during times of a disaster.

“With so much information released during a disaster event, it’s important the community can receive reputable news that is relevant to our shire,” Cr Stewart said.

“This initiative is such an important way for residents to keep updated,”

“Don’t wait for a disaster to be on our doorstep, sign up today!” Cr Stewart said.

The guide was a jointly funded by Noosa Council, the Queensland Government’s Get Ready initiative and Category C Bushfire recovery program – a joint Queensland and Australian Government funded program.

The guide can be easily downloaded on the Noosa Council website.

In any potential disaster, residents are encouraged to keep informed on a variety of hazards and topics via council’s Facebook page and council’s Disaster Dashboard – Noosa’s information authority for emergencies.

Download the guide here: