Mayor lobbies Minister over review of Pomona Kin Kin Road


Noosa Mayor Clare Stewart has called for an urgent independent assessment to be completed on the Pomona Kin Kin Road.

Cr Stewart has flagged the idea in a letter to Transport Minister Mark Bailey and the Director-General of Transport and Main Roads.

“We need this road to become a priority for the newly elected government,” she said.

“The independent expert review would include a detailed report on the safety and suitability of the Pomona Kin Kin Road and provide a risk analysis and subsequent recommendations.”

Cr Stewart has called on the Minister and Director General that the report be conducted as an immediate priority, given the safety issues associated with the road.

Hinterland residents told council they fear the worst with up to 69 quarry trucks driving in and out of the quarry everyday. That means 138 in total every day.

In her letter, Cr Stewart said the community is rightly outraged with many suffering mentally because of the toll the trucks are taking on the community.

Cr Stewart told the Minister, a number of residents speak of feeling ‘trapped’, being too frightened to leave their homes and drive along the road because of the narrowness and unsuitability of the road to handle both trucks and cars at the same time.

“We are strongly advocating for the community and will continue to support residents where we can, so I hope by writing to the relevant Minister and department, we see the appropriate response from the State Government,” Cr Stewart said.

Cr Stewart has asked Noosa MP Sandy Bolton to send a letter of support to the Minister and relevant state department.

Council plans to engage a barrister to scrutinise the Quarry Management Plan approval, has issued nearly 27,000 in fines for alleged breaches to the QMP and staff are continually monitoring traffic movements from the quarry.

“This council has been very active in listening to the residents and taking action where appropriate,” Cr Stewart said.

Cr Stewart said Council is unable to make any changes to the approvals or the haulage route without Cordwells Resources making an application to change it.

Council has facilitated several roundtable discussions to provide a forum for all parties, including the quarry operator to address issues and have positive talks about possible solutions.

“The roundtable talks have been effective, but upgrades to the road and safety improvements are the responsibility of the State Government, so we need them to be part of future discussions,” Cr Stewart said.