Council to engage barrister to review Quarry Management Plan approval


Noosa Council will engage a barrister to review all aspects of the Kin Kin Quarry approval (QMP)

Mayor Clare Stewart said seeking the best legal advice would help determine if there is anything Council can do regarding the current approval.

“We have inherited this quarry approval which was put in place in 1987 and I have asked for a thorough review to see what can be done under law to either retract, rescind or change the approval,” she said.

“There is now a lot more demand for construction materials and the quarry’s operations far exceed initial expectations, so the circumstances have clearly overtaken the initial approval,” Cr Stewart said.

“This council is committed to advocating for the community to find a workable solution for all parties.”

It follows ongoing talks with the Kin Kin community about the number of trucks coming and going from the site as well as the safety of the designated route.

Cr Stewart said under the approval, the haul route can’t be changed, unless Cordwells Resources makes a development application to change it. 

Council has issued just under $27,000 in fines to the quarry operators for alleged breaches to the Quarry Management Plan.

Council continues to facilitate a regular roundtable discussion with community members, Police, Quarry operators, Noosa MP Sandy Bolton and council staff.

Last week, senior officers from Transport and Main Roads (TMR) attended a brief inspection of Kin Kin Pomona Road - a state controlled road, with council staff and Noosa Police Acting Inspector Ben Carroll.

“We discussed a number of scenarios and will continue to have talks with TMR officers regarding a potential upgrade of the road,” Infrastructure Services Director Carl Billingham said.

Cr Stewart said it’s important that the Department is at the table for meaningful discussions.

“Council will continue to advocate for the community and we need TMR officials to be at these talks to identify what can be done to make the road safe and minimise impacts from quarry trucks,” she said.

Reducing the speed limit is also being considered by Police in consultation with the Traffic Advisory Committee.

“All councillors and council staff are doing as much as we can to alleviate the situation within the confines of what we are able to do,” Cr Stewart said.