TMR staff to meet over Kin Kin Quarry


Noosa Council is set to issue a breach notice on quarry operator Cordwell Resources for breaching traffic requirements at the Kin Kin quarry.

Mayor Clare Stewart said the latest action indicates how closely council staff monitor the quarry operator within the approved management plan requirements.

Cr Stewart has vowed that council will continue to strongly advocate for the Kin Kin community to ensure the quarry is adhering to the approved plan.

“The operator has the right to conduct their business within the strict approved management plan, while police, Council and Transport and Main Roads also have specific responsibilities,” she said.

“Kin Kin Pomona Road is a state controlled road and therefore Council has limited control over any improvements or upgrades.

“There’s no doubt the quarry operations have a significant impact on other road users and residents along this route,” she said.

Council staff will be meeting with senior TMR staff to discuss Kin Kin Pomona Road in the near future.

“This is encouraging news for all concerned, “Cr Stewart said.

Development Assessment manager Kerri Coyle said the quarry approval is in place until May 2033.

“The quarry was approved by Council in July 1987 subject to 12 conditions and under the planning legislation there is no ability for this approval to be revoked,” she said.

“Council actively monitors and takes necessary action when required and on three separate occasions have issued notices or infringements to the quarry operators for breaches of the approval.”

Ms Coyle said monitoring also includes regular site visits and joint inspection with officers from the Department of Environment and Heritage.

Council has instigated and facilitated regular round table discussions involving residents’ groups, Noosa MP Sandy Bolton, Police and Quarry operator Cordwell Resources.

“These discussions are certainly productive and are helping to open the dialogue between all parties,

“I empathise with the residents and understand their concerns about trucks movements and ongoing speed issues,” Cr Stewart said.

“We need to make it clear that legally we are unable to make any changes to the existing route unless approached by the quarry operator,” Cr Stewart said.

Corwell Resources has agreed to implement a nine-point plan to minimise traffic movements.

“The plan was discussed at our most recent meeting, which focusses on reducing truck movements on Saturdays to an absolute minimum and to limit loading during peak school bus periods,”

“This is encouraging and council would continue to closely monitor any traffic breaches under the traffic management requirements,” Cr Stewart said.

Local police have been asked to monitor the road and driver behavior and surveillance has commenced on Shepperson Road, to ensure drivers are adhering to the quarry management plan requirements.

Council will continue to meet with all stakeholders to discuss issues as they arise.