Hinterland focus for Council’s $27M capital works program


A $27 million capital works program features in this year’s $125 million Noosa Council budget, with a focus on delivering key infrastructure projects in the hinterland.

“This is very much a grassroots-style budget given the impacts of COVID-19, but I’m pleased to confirm we can still break ground on some new and exciting infrastructure projects this year,” Mayor Clare Stewart said. 

Picture of Pomona for budget media release

Pomona will benefit from 12 capital works program projects included in this year’s budget.

“Among them Peregian’s new community centre – part of the third stage of the Rufous Street precinct.

“The $1.8 million allocated this year will enable us to start building the community centre and the adjoining park,” the Mayor said.

Councillors have placed a major focus on Hinterland projects, which make up a significant portion of the program.

“We’re investing more than $2 million to replace Cooran’s Tablelands Road bridge and Kin Kin’s Wahpunga Lane bridge with new concrete bridges.

“This will be welcome news to residents and visitors. The funding, part of which the federal government has provided, will see these ageing timber structures upgraded.

“Tablelands Road is a main road and Wahpunga Lane provides access to significant forestry and fire trails, so it’s an important investment in bushfire resilience,” the Mayor said.

Two-thirds of our road surface projects this year are in the hinterland, with $2.7 million set aside to resurface hinterland roads, and a further $410,000 for gravel road re-sheeting.

Cooroy has $1.78 million earmarked for sealed road resurfacing work and Cooran has $616,000 allocated to upgrade roads.

Pomona has 12 different projects identified for funding in the Capital Works budget, including the Pomona Memorial School of Arts Hall and new pathways along Station Street and Subway Avenue,

Council will invest $3.4 million in the Eumundi Noosa Road waste facility including $2.1 million for landfill cell capping and new cell works, $560,000 for a second weighbridge to improve traffic management and flow, and a further $750,000 to expand the resource recovery area.

A new Shine house for women and children fleeing domestic violence situations will be built this year, bus stop upgrades continue, and a $900,000 slope stabilisation project will get underway at Sunrise Beach to bolster Sobraon Street from landslip risk.

The budget also includes just under $3 million to complete the Orealla Bridge replacement, which is under way now.