Temporary Extensions to Outdoor Dining


Whilst restaurants and cafes are operating under the COVID restrictions, Noosa Council will consider temporary extensions to outdoor dining areas to allow for social distancing requirements under the QLD Health DIrectives.  

This is a two stage process with your local business association undertaking the first level assessment. If your business association approves these, the application then proceeds to Council for assessment.

Stage 1 - Business Association assessment criteria:

  1. Has the business completed the Queensland Governments COVID-19 Safe Checklist for dining in for businesses such as Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Clubs, RSL Clubs and Hotels? 
  2. Is there sufficient room in the existing business premises footprint for allowable densities, i.e. 10 people limit from 15 May 2020. Note: Need must be demonstrated for extra space before application is considered further.
  3. Is the requested area part of body corporate land, footpath, community parkland etc.? Note: Requests to occupy community parkland will not be considered.
  4. Has consent been provided from adjacent business owners to the new proposed footpath trading areas?
  5. Are other businesses interested in trading from the proposed new footpath trading area? 
  6. What new area is the business requesting?  Please delineate on a map.  (Drawings and site plan with exact measurements for each new application must be provided to ensure it fits in with existing permits and in case of compliance issues).
  7. What style of infrastructure is proposed? Is it existing furniture from the restaurant or new? If new provide photographs.
  8. Will pedestrians be able to safely move past the proposed trading area - clear pedestrian access between 1.5 - 2m.
  9. Is the area flat and suitable for tables and chairs?
  10. What is the wet weather back up plan?
  11. Are there any other obstructions, e.g. infrastructure, vehicles (car door openings), loading zones, street furniture etc.?

Note – increases to footpath dining areas may require an amendment to an existing liquor licence. Businesses must ensure they can meet all requirements of the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulations for licensed premises. Contact details: phone 13 74 68 or email OLGlicensing@justice.qld.gov.au

Stage 2 - If the application is deemed satisfactory by the Business Association, assessment of the application is then undertaken by Council.

Council’s assessment will consider above and criteria below:

  1. Are there any planning requirements?
  2. COVID requirements to meet QLD Health standards including signage, cleaning regime etc.
  3. Does the application require an extension to the liquor licensing area?  Note: OLGR requires time to update or provide new liquor licence permits before trading can commence for any new businesses
  4. Insurance requirements – updated public liability certificate of currency required stating outdoor dining is covered and listing Noosa Shire Council as an interested party
  5. Any other WHS requirements.

To apply for an extension, please complete and submit the EOI Temporary Extension form and submit to your local Business Association.