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Noosa Shire Council

New Garden Waste Service New Garden Waste Service

New Garden Waste Service

Council's garden waste expansion bin service commenced September 2017

The State Government requires Queensland councils to divert 55% of waste going to landfill by 2024.The Garden Waste bin service, as recommended by Noosa’s Community Jury, was introduced to help achieve this.It will also help prolong the life of Noosa's landfills and help insulate ratepayers against added costs, if and when Queensland introduces a levy on waste going to landfill, as in other states.

Residents who live in single houses and duplexes in urban areas were delivered a garden waste recycling bin in September 2017.

Garden waste bins will continue to be optional for commercial, industrial and all other premises.

For more information about the new garden waste recycling bin service see Council'sFrequently Asked Questions [440KB].

To compare the costs of self-hauling garden waste to the landfill with the cost of Council's garden waste recycling service, please refer to Council's garden waste flyer [777Kb].

Free Mulch - reduces watering needs and great for soil

Noosa residents can pop to the landfill and have up to 3 cubic metres of single-ground coarse mulch for free and loaded free of charge or pay a small fee for up to 3 cubic metres of double-ground fine mulch.
Noosa commercial operators can also have up to 3 cubic metres of single-ground or double-ground mulch for a small price and loaded for free, and will pay even less per cubic metre if they take away more. 

To request a 360L garden waste recycling bin

Residents may request a larger, 360 Litre Recycling Bin service via Council's Online service or by contacting Council's Customer Service on (07) 5329 6500.

Cost of the new garden waste recycling bin service

The cost of the new garden waste recycle bin service (new, 240L lime-green-lidded bin) is $50 for a full year and is included in the rates.

For the larger, 360L bin service, the cost is $20 extra - $70 for a full year.


For those residents currently receiving a 240 litre x 3 bin service at 1 July 2017, the annual cost in 2016/17 will reduce from $340 to $315 in 2017/18, (savings of $25).

For residents receiving a new 240 litre garden waste bin (charged prorata from 1 September) the annual waste charge will rise from $275 for the 2 bin service in 2016/17 to $306.66 in 2017/18, (an increase of $31.66). 


Rural properties, units and small property less than 400 sqm are automatically exempt from the garden waste recycling bin service. Residents in these areas may request the service if they live within 5 km of a service area.  NB:  Duplex properties need to have a combined site area of 400 sqm (i.e. 1/42 Bluefin Court & 2/42 Bluefin Court need to be under 400 sqm) to be given an exemption.

To find out if a property is within the new garden waste bin service area see these maps [5MB] including Lake Cooroibah [28.3KB].

People who have all their garden waste removed by a professional gardener for recycling, may be exempted if they meet the criteria and complete an Application for Garden Waste Bin Exemption form [130KB].


Duplexes that currently share waste and recycling bins have received a 240L garden waste recycling bin to share. Duplexes that have their own bins have each receive a garden waste recycling bin.  Duplex properties which have a combined total area under 400m2 (i.e. 1/42 Bluefin Court and 2/43 Bluefin Court) may apply for an exemption.

Garden Waste bin collection days

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