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Noosa Shire Council

nbn™ Rollout nbn™ Rollout

What is the Nbn™ network?

The Nbn™ network is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network. It’s designed to provide access to fast and reliable internet services wherever people live via a mix of technologies: fibre optic cable, fixed wireless, satellite and existing copper cable.

Nbn co limited (nbn) is a government business entity. The team behind the Nbn™ network rollout, Nbn Co, is responsible for providing wholesale services to landline phone companies and internet service providers. These providers offer Nbn plans for homes and businesses.

As a wholesaler, Nbn does not sell directly to the public. To move a service over to the Nbn™ network, an individual will need to contact their preferred phone or internet provider and choose a new plan that suits their needs.

Detailed information about Australia’s broadband network can be found at nbn™ 101.

See the latest news on the About Nbn™ website

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Where is the Nbn™ network locally?

The Nbn™ Check Your Address facility can help establish when residents and businesses can expect construction to commence in their areas. It can also determine which parts of Noosa Shire are already online.

Where to from here?

The Learn About the nbn page on the Nbn™ network website will answer a range of enquiries such as costs, what type of equipment is required and how long it will take to connect once the service is available.

What should residents do?

The Nbn™ network rollout affects almost everyone within Noosa Shire.

To ensure phone and internet services continue working, residents are urged to move these services to the Nbn™ network before they are switched off.

Residents are not automatically connected to the Nbn™ network.

To connect, residents are required to contact their preferred phone or internet provider and order a service over the Nbn™ network.

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