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New recruit to lead climate change planning

Council will appoint a Climate Change Project Coordinator in the New Year.

The new project officer will oversee the development of Council’s Coastal Hazard Adaptation Plan.

“The Coastal Hazard Adaptation Plan will provide the foundation work for Council to prepare for possible climate change scenarios. Potential impacts such as rising sea levels, coastal erosion, changing weather patterns and flooding will all be considered,” says Mayor Tony Wellington.

“We’ll be partnering with Griffith University to develop 3D modelling and fly-throughs. These will provide graphic illustration of future flooding and storm surge scenarios for different parts of the shire. ”

Cr Wellington said the project coordinator would play a crucial oversight role.

“The new project officer will work with Council staff and specialist consultants to gather data and coordinate community engagement activities,” he said.

“Residents will be invited to provide input at various stages during the development of the plan, plus we’ll be seeking advice from technical experts and government agencies.”

Last month Noosa Council received a $490,000 grant from the Queensland Government’s QCoast 2100 program. Established to help local councils manage the impacts of climate change, Noosa was successful in the very first round of funding. This new position will be funded from that grant.

The Mayor said Council had allocated two years to develop its Coastal Hazard Adaptation Plan.

“This funding has come along at a very opportune time,” he said. “We are currently developing our new planning scheme, so the data will be of enormous assistance in preparing that scheme."

“Regardless of what individuals might think about climate change, Council has a responsibility to its residents. We take our advice from trained experts in the field, not from self-appointed experts. We need to be on the front foot on this matter, preparing now for a range of future possibilities.”

Council hopes to appoint the new coordinator next month.

23 December 2016

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