Landslip Recovery

Black pinch trailCouncil is developing plans to repair a total of 29 landslips that are impacting road assets across Noosa Shire. Council has already engaged independent geotechnical engineers, who are experts in this field, to determine the severity of the landslips and the best way to safely repair the roads. A number of roads have been closed based on preliminary reports and technical information about road stability.  While inconvenient, the road closures are for the safety of the road users in the area so please follow any road signs.

The final geotechnical reports will provide the technical input needed to design permanent solutions for repairing these slips.

Please note: the landslip at Noosa Trail Network Trail 2 & 4 Twin View Hills Lookout (nearest Black Pinch Road) is significant. To ensure safety of park users, do not enter this area. Council has not authorised access for any party except to the necessary engineers undertaking slope stability testing.

View information on Black Mountain Landslip

View information on other road and stormwater damage

With further input from our specialist engineers, Council are making attempts to remediate some landslips during 2022. These include:

Black Mountain Road #338, Black Mountain
Black Mountain Road #332, Black Mountain
Black Mountain Road #745, Black Mountain
Black Pinch Road #266, Cootharaba
Black Pinch Road #317, Cootharaba
Black Pinch Road #325, Cootharaba
Musa Vale Road #139, Ridgewood
Weyba Esplanade #33, Noosa Heads

The remaining landslips will be remediated during 2023.  These include:

Bakers Road #19, Pomona
Cooroy Belli Creek Road #179, Cooroy
Cooroy Belli Creek Road #490, Cooroy
Cooroy Belli Creek Road #673, Cooroy (NEW)
Cooroy Belli Creek Road #705, Cooroy (NEW)
Cootharaba Road #135, Cootharaba (NEW)
Happy Jack Creek Road, Ridgewood
Noosa Trail Network, Pomona
Old Ceylon Road #130, Ridgewood
Simpsons Road, Cootharaba
Upper Pinbarren Creek Road, Site 1, Pinbarren
Upper Pinbarren Creek Road, Site 2, Pinbarren
Upper Pinbarren Creek Road, Site 3, Pinbarren
Upper Pinbarren Creek Road, Site 4, Pinbarren
Upper Pinbarren Creek Road, Site 5, Pinbarren
Upper Pinbarren Creek Road, Site 6, Pinbarren
Upper Pinbarren Creek Road, Site 7, Pinbarren
Upper Pinbarren Creek Road, Site 8, Pinbarren
Upper Pinbarren Creek Road, Site 9, Pinbarren

Find more details on the progress of the landslips here.