Hinterland Adventure Playground

Hinterland adventure playground

Concept designs

Initially called the Hinterland Adventure Playground, in the centre of Cooroy, the parklands project promises to deliver an iconic nature-based destination that will inspire children and adults alike.

Complementing the natural beauty of the Cooroy Creek site, the park will incorporate many diverse elements to inspire nature-based learning and encourage interaction with the local environment.

The landscaping and architecture will integrate carefully into the surrounding landscape, and will link Cooroy’s key facilities and tourist attractions, such as the Cooroy Library, and Old Mill cultural heritage area.

Project updates

Key features of the playground will include:

  • adventure-based play
  • open green space
  • nature exploration areas
  • natural climbing structures that emphasise natural forms and shapes 
  • replicated creek water play area
  • public toilet building that will incorporate greenery and ‘camouflaged’ aspects
  • functional elements such as seating, picnic shelters, and BBQs
  • artwork from local artists.

The unstructured and stimulating environment of a nature-based playground will keep people of all ages and abilities entertained for hours.

Hinterland adventure playground

Check out a 3D visualization video of what’s being considered.


What is the project timeline for planning and construction?

Council is in the final stages of planning the playground, with an Expression of Interest for design and construction to be released in the coming months. Construction of the playground is expected to start in the second half of 2020 and will be completed by the end of June 2021, weather permitting. The project is a joint initiative of Noosa Council and the Queensland Government.

How did Council determine the location of the park?

Council has been discussing a nature-based playground in this space since the early 2000s when a masterplan was developed for the Lower Mill site and Butter Factory Precinct. 

Having the playground in Cooroy will attract more visitors to the Hinterland area and take pressure off coastal infrastructure.

What equipment and facilities will the new playground include?

Our design staff have collaborated with some of the best playground consultants to come up with concepts that are positive, engaging, and fun for all ages and abilities.

In keeping with Noosa Design Principles, the facility has been intentionally designed to use natural elements and inspire nature-based learning. The concept designs feature a series of natural-themed play areas including: 

  • timber climbing structures
  • meandering paths
  • giant natural climbing structures 
  • a replicated creek water play area
  • open space to toss a frisbee
  • native gardens to explore.

The park will also include an amenities block, seating, picnic shelters, and BBQs.

The final design of the park will be determined during the tender process.

Hinterland adventure playground

Why has Council chosen a nature-based park?

Research shows that nature-based has many demonstrated benefits for children. These include providing more opportunities than typical structured playgrounds to develop gross-motor skills, greater opportunities to use their imagination, and giving children the freedom to explore and take risks in a controlled environment.

Nature-based play also encourages children to engage and interact with their natural environment, fostering an appreciation for the natural world. 

How will the town of Cooroy benefit?

Cooroy is a growing and evolving location that will benefit from new recreational infrastructure to meet the needs of the growing number of residents and visitors. 

The new playground will also generate economic growth for the local community through the creation of jobs during construction and increased tourism when the playground is complete. View the Cooroy Adventure Parklands Economic and Financial Analysis prepared by AEC Group in February 2019.

What will be done to accommodate the increased number of motorists and pedestrians? 

The project will include about 60 new car spaces and a range of road safety improvements, such as new pathways and improved signage, to accommodate park visitors.

Hinterland adventure playground