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Noosa Shire Council

General Waste Services General Waste Services

General Waste Bin Collection

Council provides a weekly domestic general waste collection service to Noosa residents. 

Waste bins are for general household waste only, such as food wrapping, Styrofoam and plastic bags. They are not suitable for recyclables or garden waste. These items are to be placed in your recycling bin or garden/green waste bin. General waste bins have either a red or dark green lid.

Larger, 360 Litre recycling bins can be ordered now. This new service will commence in September 2017. Download and complete this form or contact Council's Customer Service on (07) 5329 6500 to express your interest.

Contact council's customer service centre to arrange extra collections for your home or business. Fees apply.

What can go in What can't go in
What can go in the general waste bin What can't go in the general waste bin

*Consider composting your fruit and vegetable scraps.

Hazardous waste 

Hazardous waste items are products that can cause harm to the environment and personal health. Household hazardous waste and electronic waste can be dropped off at any of Council’s three resource recovery centres.


Disposal of asbestos needs to be pre-arranged with Council.  The Asbestos Disposal form needs to be completed and submitted 48 hours prior to disposal.

Waste bin collection guidelines

Bins should be placed within 1 metre of the road kerb and 1 metre from other bins and objects with the handles facing towards the property. Put bins out before 6am on collection day, or the night before. Bins must not block footpaths or driveways. Bins should be placed clear of parked cars, trees and poles. Only waste placed inside the bins will be collected.

Damaged bins, missed bins and extra services

To request a replacement or repair to a damaged bin, or report a stolen bin, simply complete this online form. Please note that residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their bins.

Order a casual extra bin pick-up service here. For a permanent extra bin service, complete this online form.

If your bin has not been picked up during a regular service, report it here.

Non-standard service

If you require an increase in the number of bins, for example, more than one bin emptied once a week or a new bulk bin, contact Council's customer service centre.