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Noosa Shire Council

Garden Waste Services Garden Waste Services

The State Government requires Queensland councils to divert 55% of waste going to landfill by 2024.The Green Waste bin service, as recommended by Noosa’s Community Jury, was introduced to help achieve this.It will also help prolong the life of our landfills and help insulate ratepayers against added costs if and when Queensland introduces a levy on waste going to landfill, as in other states.

Noosa is committed to keeping waste out of landfill and reducing greenhouse gases by recycling garden waste. Watch Council's short, green bin video for some useful information and download Council's Handy A-Z Guide to Recycling [1.43Mb] for recycling information at your fingertips.

Council provides a fortnightly garden/green waste service to residents urban areas. This service is gradually being extended to the hinterland region where viable, and from September 2017, residents who live in single houses and duplexes in urban areas will automatically receive a garden waste recycling bin. View our New Garden Waste Recycling Bin Service page for more information.

Garden waste bins will continue to be optional for commercial, industrial and all other premises.

Lawn clippings and garden vegetation collected via this service are converted into mulch, which is available free to Noosa Shire residents.

To compare the costs of self-hauling garden waste to the landfill with the cost of Council's garden waste recycling service, check our garden waste flyer [777Kb].

If you would like to request a garden/green waste bin, please contact Council's customer service centre.

Information about the New Garden Waste Recycling Bin Service commencing September 2017 can be found here.

What can go in What can't go in
What can go in garden waste bin What can't go in garden waste bin

Garden/Green waste charges

Garden/green waste bin collection fees are paid as part of your council rates. The cost for the fortnightly garden/green waste service is $50 per annum with a pro rata charge for a part year. (There is no pro rata refund when this service is cancelled.)

Garden/green waste bin collection guidelines and collection day

Bins should be placed within 1 metre of the road kerb and 1 metre from other bins and objects with the handles facing towards the property. Put bins out before 6am on collection day, or the night before. Bins must not block footpaths or driveways. Bins should be placed clear of parked cars, trees and poles. Only waste placed inside the bins will be collected.  

Garden/green waste bins are collected on the opposite fortnight to recycling bins. 

Damaged bins, missed bins and extra services

To request a replacement or repair to a damaged bin, or report a stolen bin, simply complete this online form. Please note that residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their bins.

Order a casual extra bin pick-up service here. For a permanent extra bin service, complete this online form.

If your bin has not been picked up during a regular service, report it here.

Compulsory Garden Waste for New Homes in Residential Areas from 1 July 2016

Commencing 1 July 2016, where the owner of any newly constructed single dwelling is commencing a new waste collection service, the owner must also commence a Garden Waste Collection service. Contact Council's customer service centre on 5329 6500 for further information.

View our composting and worm farming videos to further help reduce organic waste.