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Noosa Shire Council

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Food Safety Supervisor

The Food Act 2006 requires that every licensed food business has a nominated food safety supervisor on site. A qualified food safety supervisor is required on site within 30 days of obtaining a new licence and within 14 days when there is a change of supervisor.

The nominated food safety supervisor takes the lead role in supervising food safety in the business and is required to be reasonably available at all times.

The food safety supervisor must have undertaken an accredited course with a registered training organisation (RTO) in the appropriate units of competency or the equivalent.

For more information view Council's Toolbox on Food Safety Training.

Food Handler Training

Council offers free food handler training sessions. This training assists food handlers in acquiring the general skills and knowledge in food safety and food hygiene required by the legislation.

Training is available for operators and staff of food businesses, however, the food business must be licensed by Council to qualify. There are two ways you can complete this training:

Online training program

Complete the online training program provided through I'm ALERT.

The program is easy to follow and includes a presentation and quizzes. Participants may complete parts of the training modules at any time.

To be eligible for a certificate the person undertaking the training must complete the whole training program in one sitting. Participants may print the certificate upon completion of the training and the organisation may retain it as a record of staff training.

If a participant completes some of the training modules, but not all, the system will print an acknowledgement of training document. The system does not remember the next time a participant re-enters the training program.

If a person wishing to undertake online training does not have access to a computer or the internet at work or at home, computers are available for public use at one of Council's libraries.

Face to face training sessions

Council delivers face-to-face training sessions every two months, however currently these sessions are unavailable.