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Food Business Licencing Requirements Food Business Licencing Requirements

New food business or existing food business under new ownership are likely to require a food business licence.

The Food Act 2006 requires certain food businesses to be approved and licenced by Council.  The Act places certain structural, maintenance and operational requirements on food businesses to ensure food is safe and suitable. 

Businesses must also have a Food Safety Supervisor available, conduct training of food handlers and possibly implement a Food Safety Program. 

Council will monitor the standard of the business against the Food Act 2006 and food standards code. Council is committed to assisting and educating operators to establish and operate a fully compliant food business.

Non-profit organisations

Subject to certain conditions, non-profit organisations may be exempt from licencing requirements, however, they will still need to comply with the food standards code and ensure food is safe and suitable.

Food Business - Fixed

Examples of fixed food businesses may include (but not limited to) manufacturers, eating establishments, takeaway food bars, bakeries, retail food shops, childcare centres, supermarkets, accommodation premises etc.

For more information, application forms and fact sheets, visit the local government toolbox website.

Food Business - Mobile

Examples of mobile food businesses that require approval and a food business licence include: pie van, ice cream van, mobile snack trucks, mobile food trailers, certain vending machines, hamburger/pie vans, seafood van etc.

Licensees who wish to operate on council-controlled land and/or roads also require a permit.

For more information, application forms and fact sheets, visit the local government toolbox website.

Food Business - Temporary

Examples of temporary food businesses include: a tent or market stall operating at an event or a premises other than a fixed or mobile site that sells unpackaged food.

For more information, application forms and fact sheets, visit the local government toolbox website.

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