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Noosa Shire Council

Environmental Art and Floating Land Forum Environmental Art and Floating Land Forum


A day of presentations about how art and Floating Land can influence our respect for the environment.

9.00am - 5.30pm, Saturday 17 October at The J, Noosa Junction.

View the full forum program.

This forum brings together speakers from around the country to inspire discussion about the role of environmental art in and around Noosa. We will reflect and re-imagine how Floating Land has used environmental art to contribute to encouraging respect for the environment here and elsewhere. We will also look at Floating Land and how the community can become further involved to create more wonderful and beautiful events into the future.

Speakers include:

  • Guy Abrahams (founder of Climarte) – Hear about environmental art in the national context and the inaugural ART+CLIMATE = CHANGE festival in Melbourne.
  • Craig Walsh (internationally renowned projection artist) – learn about projection art, and how the site of the artwork inspires what comes next
  • Natasha Edwards (co-founder of Swell Sculpture Festival) – Hear how a not-for-profit community group delivers the Swell Sculpture Festival on the Gold Coast
  • Kevin Wilson (founder of Floating Land) – Hear how a trip to France inspired Floating Land, and the ideas behind its foundation
  • Contributions from Nina Colosi (director of the Streaming Museum in New York City) and Ricardo Dal Farra (founder of Blance-Unbalance in Montreal) – discussing the international recognition of Floating Land
  • Slideslam! presents the perspectives of ten Floating Landers, all in five minutes each with five slides. This can be nothing short of speedy, interesting glimpses into environmental art and Floating Land
  • There will also be interactivity with discussion and participatory artwork that promises an engaging day.  

Although this is a free event, please email your RSVP to help with lunch catering numbers.