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Noosa Shire Council

Floating Land at Boreen Point - 2nd - 5th October 2015 Floating Land at Boreen Point - 2nd - 5th October 2015



Boreen Point will host a variety of events throughout Floating Land 2015:

Boreen Point October Long Weekend Program


Featured Artists

  Simon McVerry: Sailing Rig Re-visited
Featured in previous Floating Land events, sails from the Ship of Fools have been installed just off the beach. These also double as a projection screen for film nights.

Rowley Drysdale: Raku Kiln
Raku firing: interactive kiln firing, community activity with handmade ceramics on site.





Dominic Cusack: Foreshore Huts
Using raw natural timber that is endemic, the interior of the huts will reflect the early way of life when the Mill Pt sawmill was trading, bringing old times into focus.





Gabi Timm: Luminous
The falling light and dusk skies that are so beautiful at sunset have inspired the idea of the sun powering phosphorescent art on the natural beach; by day inconspicuous rocks, by night foreshore comes to life.





Telena Rogers: Mythopoeia
Clay, glass, found objects and forged steel make functional and decorative pieces that draw inspiration from the natural world. View Telena's website.





MarkGlenn Harmony: Fires Once Burning
A symbolic artwork to reflects both the Indigenous camp fires that once burned around Lake Cootharabra and the Eternal Flame of the Lake. View Mark's website.





David Gonzo French: Weaving the Community Back Together
Boat weaving shows how boats were built in ancient times, possibly from this very spot; the form is defined by the stakes driven in the earth, with the sides woven together in natural materials.





Mark Seaman: Roaming Artist
Roaming whittler and musician allows the grain and curves of timber to tell the story.





Avid: Awaken
Awaken is a call to all humanity as custodians of our world, to take responsibility to find creative solutions while our heads are still above water.


  Artspace: Bodyscape

Creatively responding to the idea of landscape being human form, Artspace offers moments of reflection; it is the land that shapes the people.


  Rosey Edgar: Infractive Installation
An infractive piscatorial display amongst the tree line, exploring fractals in our world.

Featured Musicians


David Bentley: Jazz Trio
Dawn concert at the Jetty, 5.30am Saturday
An artful fusion of jazz with classical cello, expressing the changing moods of Lake Cootharaba while at the same time delivering a nostalgic resonance. Concert will unfold as the sun’s rays illuminate the stillness of morning. BYO picnic. View David's website.


Wendy Witt: Classical Guitar
Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Broad repertoire covering Flamenco, Latin music, gospel, blues and contemporary pieces by Australian composers.

  No Noise Music
Make sounds that only you can hear, this style of music will intrigue children and adults alike.

Roaming Musicians


Sammy Ray Jones: Folk Reggae
Sammy Ray Jones has a unique style, having toured the Pacific Rim, Korea, Hawaii and Vanuatu sharing his sound with those he meets.

  Leweton String Band Mato: Musicians from Vanuatu
Friday 7pm: Leweton film shown on the shipwreck sail.
Daytime – roaming music along the foreshore.


Anya and Ziko: Harpsong
African and Celtic harps.



Seafaring Strangers
Rob Roy and Jo Mckeown.

Three piece band, world, folk, rock.
  Susanne Cromb: Flautist
Susanne's musical style is an intuitive response to the environment and surrounding energies. She will be collaborating with Tracy O'Brien on harp and classical guitar.
  Jade Zaninni
Jade is a singer songwriter with a unique melodic pure voice. She will accompany with guitar.

Studio Walk

Visit the working studios of these artists.



Sue Coburn - Muddy Waters Studio. Offers and eclectic mix of fine art.


MarkGlenn Harmony - Harmony on Boreen. View website.


Michele Knightley - Roberts House. View website.


Jan Sweet - Studio Opening Party, Sunday 4 October from 2pm. View website.


Maureen Williams - vivid, abstract artworks.


Phyl Williams - Tuktu. Sculpture, photography and fibre art.







Basketry Weavery by Rene Bahloo
Friday 2 Oct, 10am - 1pm
Rene will supply natural fibre materials and ensure each person has a finished basket to take home or to add to the ‘Web of Life’ weavings. Rene weaves her ‘philosophy of life’ into her workshops.



Tarn Rugs by Anya la Zanya
Sunday 4 Oct, 1 - 4pm
Follow up on Monday 5 October, 9am - 12pm
All fabric provided for this workshop, creating mandala pattern rugs with different colours blending into each other; Anya may entertain us with her Celtic Harp as well.



Artist Books by Sandra Ross
4 Oct, 10am - 1pm

Use leaves and seeds from around the area to create patterns on paper. Add washy colour to tell your story. Fold and bind papers into your artist book.



Web of Life Weaving Site with Lorraine Bird and volunteers
2 - 5 Oct, 9am - 3pm

Hessian Weavings: weavings around 5 large posts to which passers by can add their own designs with threads, fibres, lace, buttons, beads.
Web of Life: a large hanging of driftwood to which passers by are invited to add their own weavings.
Loom Baskets: will be available for participants to learn and practice weaving skills.




  Spinning Wool with Susan Punshon & Sylvia Langtree
4 Oct, 10am - 2pm
Two spinning wheels will give a great opportunity for people to learn about spinning their own yarn. You can add your yarn as an offering to the Web of Life weaving area.



Other Activities





In loving memory of Judith Wright: Imprints – Impressions of Nature, a Poet's Legacy
4.45pm Sunday at the jetty

Celebrating ‘Imprints’, 100 years since the birth of a poet who once sought solace on the shores of Cootharaba. Share in listening to and reading poetry. Follow Judith's work on Facebook.





Peta Hempsell: Digital Photography
The serenity and the ever changing colours and moods of the lake make it an amazing subject.





Kathleen Hunt: Sharing the Conversation
Re-purposed materials create new artworks and a dialogue on environmental issues.





Focus your thoughts on a question or concern as you walk with a quiet mind. View the Noosa Biosphere website.





Adrienne McVerry: Glass Creation
Leadlight & copper foil built into a timber frame post.





Noelene Knightley: Colours of the Lake
The colours and moods of Lake Cootharaba are captivating, the unfolding beauty is displayed daily. Digital photography.





Community Ceramicists
Showcasing the Boreen Point Ceramic artists group





Sunday Lunch: Mullet burgers 
Luc Terschwell cooks the Pearl of the Lake, the sea mullet caught in Lake Cootharaba, an under-utilised but versatile fish, with high omega 3 content





Apollonian Hotel: Twilight Markets
Friday 2 October, 4 - 8pm

Come along and find some beautiful locally made products and catch up with friends at the hotel.
Friday Night Jam Session 8 - 10pm
All musos welcome.





Heart of Gold Film Nights 
Family friendly film - Saturday 3 Oct, 6.30pm
Family film Aboriginal cultural sharing - Sunday 4 Oct, 7pm
Adult screening at Apollonian Lounge: Monday 5 Oct, 8pm