Tendering for Business Workshops


Helping Queensland Businesses stand out

Helping Queensland Businesses stand out

About this Event

Increase your chances of tendering success

Are you a Queensland business? Want to stand out from your competitors and improve your chances of winning tenders?

This practical and interactive workshop will help you to prepare comprehensive and conforming bids to tender for government and private sector contracts, large and small.

You’ll learn how to write an effective tender response that outlines the expertise, experience, and value-add activities of your business to procurement managers who are responsible for assessing if you are the right fit for their supply chain. In the workshop, we’ll cover:

  • how to interpret tender documentation
  • how to prepare responses to key criteria
  • understanding the importance of non-price criteria vs price
  • common pitfalls and traps
  • where to look for current and upcoming tendering opportunities
  • how to conduct market research to maximise your chances of success.

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