Waste FAQs

    • Recycle bin itemsAll plastics numbered #1-6.The numbers in the triangles simply refer to what type of plastic the item is made from.
    • Plastic bags may not be placed in the recycle bin as the bags get caught in machinery.
    • No soft (scrunchable) plastics can go in the recycle bin. Check with redcycle.net.au to find your nearest soft plastic collection point.
    • There is no need to thoroughly rinse out containers, just make sure they are empty.
    • Leave lids on plastic containers and plastic bottles, empty first.
    • For more information view or download the Recycling Guide or use Council’s RecycleSmart App
  • The contents of your yellow-lid recycling bin are collected by our contractor, Cleanaway, and transported to The Materials Recovery Facility or MRF at Bli Bli.

    The MRF (pronounced ‘murf’) receives the co-mingled recyclables. Items are sorted and separated into material types using mechanical and manual processes. The MRF also removes contaminants (e.g. plastic bags).

    The sorted recyclables – paper and cardboard, steel cans, aluminium cans, glass and plastics (#1-6) are then transported from the MRF by Visy to be sold into markets for recyclables. They are then reprocessed into new products.

  • See the Recycling Guide or visit the Reviva Shop to drop off unwanted good quality goods.

  • Redcycle chart

    The following items can be disposed at various locations free of charge:

    • Coffee pods – Drop off at selected florists, search on the Terracycle website for your nearest location 
    • Plastic bags – Grocery bags can be returned to your local supermarket
    • Other soft plastics – Soft (scrunchable) plastics such as bread bags, biscuit and confectionery packets can be dropped in the REDcycle bin check with RedCycle to find your nearest collection point
    • Beauty Products Recycling Program - L'Oréal and Garnier have teamed up with TerraCycle website to provide a second life for used personal care and beauty packaging through the free Beauty Products Recycling Program.
    • Oral Care Recycling Program - TerraCycle and Colgate have partnered to create a free recycling program for oral care product packaging, search on the TerraCycle website
    • Household batteries – All Noosa Council landfill sites, L3 Noosa Council, Cooroy Library, The Noosa Library, The J, The Noosa Leisure Centre
    • Mobile phones, batteries, chargers and accessories – All Noosa Council tips,  Mobile Muster provide drop off points in the Noosa area or you can mail your phone to them (free postage). Visit the Mobile Muster website for instructions or to search for your closest drop off point.
    • Reviva Shop - At the Noosa landfill, drop off good quality unwanted items or shop and purchase a bargain!
    • Teracycle - offers a variety of programs through which you may recycle Free Recycling Programs
    • Freecycle - people giving and receiving products for free
    • Garage Sale Trail – annual coordinated garage sales
    • Gumtree - an online marketplace
    • TuShare - give and get great stuff for free
    • Spare Harvest – share or swap what people have spare in their gardens or farms
    • Oz Harvest - connects local food businesses with local charities for the benefit of people in need
    • Plastic Free Noosa – find out how you can reduce plastic in your life or business
    • View the Recycling Guide or use council’s RecycleSmart App!