Kerbside Collection

A crucial aspect driving the Waste Plan is personal responsibility. This involves taking ownership of items that are no longer needed and being mindful of unnecessary consumption. This approach is in line with both the Queensland Government Waste Avoidance and Resource Productivity Strategy 2014-24 and the Australian Government National Waste Policy Action Plan 2019. In that context, and consistent with current practices in the region, Noosa Council does not support bulk kerbside collection. While this service may appear convenient, it comes at a significant cost and contributes to substantial amounts of recyclable materials (such as wood, metal, cardboard, e-waste, etc.) ending up in landfill due to the complexities and expenses involved in sorting. Additionally, bulk kerbside results in unsightly streets and poses health and safety risks. Of particular concern is the improper disposal of hazardous materials like asbestos, batteries, and chemicals. Bulk kerbside collection elevates the risk of litter and micro-litter finding its way into the ocean through stormwater systems.

Council will be developing tailored information about responsible disposal of bulky items. This information will be available by calling Council’s customer service, visiting the Council website or downloading the Noosa specific Recycle Mate App, which will direct residents to relevant service providers who can handle the collection of bulky goods. This approach promotes responsible waste management while minimising adverse financial and environmental impacts.