Sustainable Transport

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Sustainable transport is about reducing the need for or minimising the use of vehicles for transport, therefore reducing the use of fuel and the pollution it creates. Communities win with less traffic noise and congestion, less pressure on transport and health budgets, improved sense of community and safer streets. The environment wins with less demand for more road infrastructure and cleaner air.

Green Facts

  • Each litre of petrol used emits 2.5kg of greenhouse gases.
  • A vehicle serviced regularly reduces the greenhouse gas emitted by the vehicle by up to 5-15%.
  • 10% of all car trips are less than 1km and 30% are less than 3km.
  • A daily 30-minute cycle will burn 8 calories a minute, the equivalent of 11kg of fat in a year.
  • For every bus operating at maximum capacity, there are up to 40 less cars on the road.
  • Reduced walking and cycling trips are reasons around 56% of adult Australians are overweight and 19% of Australians are obese.
  • Parking 1-2 kilometres from a destination and walking the rest of the way can assist with weight loss.

Ways to reduce dependence on vehicular transport

  • Give Public Transport a Go – Public transport takes away the stress of driving and reduces traffic congestion. For timetable information visit or call TransLink on 13 12 30. Try walking or cycling for short trips.
  • Why not combine travel with exercise? Walking and cycling reduces stress, improves fitness and helps the environment.
  • Consider carpooling – share the ride. Carpooling saves on petrol, parking, vehicle maintenance, reduces vehicle emissions, and congestion.

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