Sustainability Principles

Noosa has a long history of protecting the natural environment, enhancing biodiversity and doing things in a balanced and sustainable way, not just for the current community and economy, but for future generations.

To further these efforts, on the 19 November 2015, Council adopted a set of Sustainability Principles for the purpose of providing a common basis for increasing sustainability in Noosa.

The principles have been identified to guide the development of Council’s strategy documents and to prompt consideration of sustainability across all areas of Council business so that the environment, economic and social elements of sustainability are considered inter-dependently.

Noosa's Six Sustainability Principles are:

  1. Resources are sustainably managed so that the lifestyle of the community is preserved, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (consistent with the Brundtland Commission definition of sustainability).
  2. Noosa’s economy is prosperous, diverse and protective of its unique environment.
  3. Noosa residents belong to a community that values its diversity, accessibility and affordability.
  4. Noosa’s community is inclusive, connected and resilient and encourages participation and information sharing.
  5. Noosa’s community benefits from quality places and programs that enhance wellbeing and support creative, active and healthy lifestyles.
  6. Good governance is achieved through effective and efficient decision making, made in the interests of the community.

Council is currently developing a set of sustainability indicators to regularly measure and report on Council and the community’s progress towards sustainability best practice and to identify priority issues where attention is next needed.