Pest Management Plan

Noosa Council has developed a new Pest Management Plan specific to Noosa Shire. 

Local Government Area Pest Management Plan

The Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002 requires a Local Government Area Pest Management Plan (PMP). The PMP covers the management of declared pest species and provides an action plan to manage these species across the shire.

The PMP is a community plan, not just a Council Plan, involving regional natural resource management groups, State and Local Government Agencies, landholders, agricultural, industry and environment groups.

The new PMP for the Noosa Shire has been developed in the consultation with the Noosa PMP stakeholder group.The plan forms the basis for the development of a future Biosecurity Plan.

The PMP applies to all land and waterways within the boundaries of the Noosa Council local government area. It targets pest species that are declared pests under the Land Protection Act along with certain non-declared species that have been determined to be locally significant.

Map of Noosa Shire

The plan:

  • establishes local priorities for pest management
  • identifies key stakeholders and defines their roles and responsibilities
  • establishes objectives and actions that address the economic, environmental and social impacts of pest animals and plants
  • ensures that all resources are directed at the high priority activities
  • establishes measures for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the strategies implemented

A combined approach to pest management

The plan identifies key stakeholders and recognises their roles and responsibilities for managing weeds and pest animals. It is implemented by a wide range of organisations, groups and individuals including Council, government agencies, industry, natural resource management groups, research institutions and landowners.

A community pest action group made up of key stakeholders is overseeing the implementation of the plan and evaluates and reports on its effectiveness.