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Noosa Shire Council

Economic Development Grant Economic Development Grant

This Economic Development Grant Program was created to support stakeholders to deliver outcome driven projects that will have a positive impact on the local business environment, business community and economy.  It is a competitive grant program that looks to encourage collaboration and partnerships between Council, business representative groups and the business community.

Projects funded under this grant program must support the delivery of the Local Economic Plan through initiatives that will:

  • Connect local businesses
  • Encouragebusiness innovation
  • Build business capacity and skills
  • Contribute to the ease of doing business
  • Enable partnerships and collaboration between businesses and/or organisationsin the Noosa region
  • Address a local workforce gap
  • Assist in growing the reputation of Noosa as a preferred business location
  • Attract additional funding to the Shire
  • Contribute to the growth and development of existing and new industry toNoosa.

There are three categories

  • Quick Response Grants - These grants look to support small one off projects such as workshops, meet ups and events that engage and benefit the Noosa business community.
  • Project Partnership Grants - These grants support innovative one-off projects of merit that have a positive impact on the local business environment and will be completed within 12 months of commencement.
  • Multi-Year Partnership Grants - These grants assist stakeholders to deliver longer term programs agreed by Council that extend beyond 12 months. These grants will facilitate not for profit business representative associations taking on additional projects and funding agreements will consider funding both on going operational costs and project specific costs.

An important pre-condition to applying for an Economic Development Grant is to read the Economic Development Grant Guidelines, and have in-depth discussions about the project and application with a member of the Economic Development team. You can make contact by calling 5329 6500 or emailing

Guidelines and forms

Key Dates and Timing

Round opens: 1 December 2017
Project period:

Quick Response Grants - projects must be completed within 6 months of approval
Project Partnership Grants – projects must be completed within 12 months of approval
Multi-Year Partnership Grants - as agreed with applicant

Announce results:

Quick Response Grants - within 10 days from application
Project Partnership Grants - within 6 weeks of applicationMulti-Year Partnership Grants - as agreed with applicant

Acquittal due:

Quick Response Grants – 30 days from project completion
Project Partnership Grants – 30 days from project completion
Multi-Year Partnership Grants - as agreed with applicant


Apply Online

Quick Response Grant
Project Partnership Grant
Multi-Year Partnership Grant

Funding acknowledgement Funding acknowledgement

If a grant application is successful, the recipient is required to acknowledge Noosa Council's contribution to the activity that is being funded.

Acquitting your grant

All grant recipients are obligated to acquit grants on time. The due date for the acquittal is on the front page of the funding agreement. At the appropriate time, you will be asked to complete the acquittal. Read the factsheet for further guidance. A Sample Acquittal form is currently being created.


Council’s finance process separates payments to grant recipients from suppliers. If you have not received a grant from Noosa Council before or your organisation’s bank details have changed then you will need lodge a New Grant Account Form.