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Noosa Shire Council

Draft Amendments to the Noosa Plan Draft Amendments to the Noosa Plan

The Noosa Plan - Proposed Amendment

Noosa Council is proposing to amend the Planning Scheme for the Noosa Shire.  The draft amendment is currently on public display and the community is welcome to provide feedback.  The process for amending a Planning Scheme is set out in Part 5 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 and Statutory Guideline 04/14 Making and Amending Local Planning Instruments (under “Chapter 8 Transitional provisions and repeal” of the Planning Act 2016).  

The purpose and general effect of the amendment is to:

  • Amend Part 15 and introduce a new Schedule 9 of The Noosa Plan planning scheme to update the current Priority Infrastructure Plan (PIP) with a new Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) prepared in accordance with Statutory Guideline 03/14.

Council has released an LGIP Explanatory Statement to help summarise and explain key points.    

The draft amendment is available to view in the documents listed below, or by;

  • Visiting level 2 of Council Chambers, 9 Pelican Street, Tewantin to view a hard copy of proposed amendment  

You can also contact Council’s Infrastructure Assessment Coordinator on 5329 6449 or by emailing:

How can I have my say?

Any person can make a written submission on any aspect of the proposed planning scheme amendment by Wednesday 18 April 2018.  

  • Post to Noosa Council, PO Box 141, Tewantin Qld 4565 or lodge at Council’s level 2 counter, 9 Pelican Street Tewantin
  • Email or
  • Lodge online through the Your Say Noosa portal

Documents List

  1. Noosa LGIP Part 15 v2 Draft 02.03.2018 [180 KB]
  2. Noosa LGIP Schedule 9 LGIP Mapping & Tables
    1. SC 9.1_Planning assumption tables_v2 [348 KB]
    2. SC 9.2_Schedule of works_v2 [113 KB]
    3. SC 9.3_Local government infrastructure plan maps_v2 [27 KB]
    4. SC 9.3-1_LGIP-PIA [26.5 MB]
    5. SC 9.3-2_LGIP-PFTI Stormwater [21.2 MB]
    6. SC 9.3-3_LGIP-PFTI Transport_v2 [23.3 MB]
    7. SC 9.3-4_LGIP-PFTI Public Parks & LCF [23.3 MB]
  3. Noosa LGIP Extrinsic Material
    1. Ext.01_Council Report - Legislative Amendments to Trunk Infrastructure Plan & Charges [478 KB]
    2. Ext.02_Noosa Design Principles [6.2 MB]
    3. Ext.03_Council Report - LGIP_PIA [4.7 MB]
    4. Ext.04_Council Report - LGIP _Planning Assumptions [4.3 MB]
    5. Ext.04-1_DMaTT Briefing Note _Growth Forecasts Noosa March 2015 [593 KB]
    6. Ext.04-1_DMaTT Briefing Note Appendicies zip file [65.9 MB]
    7. Ext.04-2_DMaTT Briefing Note Appendicies zip file [253 MB]
    8. Ext.04-2_DMaTT Briefing Note_Information Inputs Noosa March 2015 [816 KB]
    9. Ext.04-3_DMaTT Briefing Note _Noosa Plan LGIP Planning Assumptions April 2016 [669 KB]
    10. Ext.05_Council Report - LGIP Public Parks & LCF Network DSS [2.4 MB]
    11. Ext.05-1_Noosa Park Strategy January 2006 [8.2 MB]
    12. Ext.09_Council Report - LGIP_Stormwater Network PFTI _SOW [20.4 MB]
    13. Ext.09-1_Att 1-Stormwater Project Attachment zip file [21.8 MB]
    14. Ext.10_Council Report - LGIP_Transport Network PFTI _ SOW zip file [24.4 MB]
    15. Ext.10-1_Att 1-Road Project Attachments zip file [12.5 MB]
    16. Ext.10-2_Att 1-Pathway Project Attachments zip file [15.6 MB]
    17. Ext.10-3_Att 1-Bus Stop Project Attachments zip file [1.4 MB]
    18. Ext.11_Council- Report - LGIP _SOW Costs _Network Demands [9.8 MB]
    19. Ext.11-1_Network Demand Calcs_v2 zip file [101 KB]
    20. Ext.12_Consultation Department of Transport and Main Roads zip file [103 MB]
    21. Ext.13_LGIP Briefing Note - SOW Model Inputs _Methodology [349 KB]
    22. Ext.13-1 SOW Model Input Workings zip file [7.9 MB]
    23. Ext.14_Financial Sustainability Statement _LGIP Alignment with AMP & LTFF [219 KB]
  4. Noosa LGIP SOW model v2 02.03.2018 [3.2 MB]
  5. NSC LGIP checklist 30.10.2017 [765 KB]
  6. NSC Compliance Check Report 30 October 2017 [485 KB]



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