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Noosa Shire Council

Corporate & Operational Plans Corporate & Operational Plans

Corporate Plan 2017 - 2037

On 19 January 2017, Council adopted a new Corporate Plan.  Our Corporate Plan sets out Council's long term strategies and priorities.  It also sets out Council's values and vision - "Noosa Shire - different by nature".

The Corporate Plan identifies five themes.  Each theme contains a 20 year goal and key actions to be undertaken over the next five years.  The themes and their 20 year goals are: 

Theme 1:  The Noosa Environment
20 year goal - Our environment is protected, enhanced and valued by the community

Theme 2:  The Noosa Community
20 year goal - Our community is connected, safe and happy and able to meet their potential

Theme 3:  The Noosa Economy
20 year goal - Our economy is diverse and resilient

Theme 4:  Long term planning for Noosa Shire
20 year goal - Noosa Shire is well managed and sustainable

Theme 5:  Excellence as a Council
20 year goal - The Noosa Shire community is proud of its Council

A review of the Corporate Plan is being undertaken in 2018.

Operational Plan

Our Operational Plan 2018/19 details the significant initiatives that our Council will undertake during the 2018/19 financial year as we progress further towards the achievement of the key focus areas set out in the Corporate Plan 2017 -2037.

The Operational Plan forms part of a package of Council planning documents including the Corporate Plan and annual Budget which guide the organisation in delivering outcomes for the Noosa community. The Operational Plan and annual Budget have been developed as a package to ensure these major priorities and initiatives including core business service delivery are appropriately funded as required by the Local Government Act and Regulations.

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