Drought Water Supplies

Tap Locations

For those who are struggling with having enough water during the current drought conditions, here are maps showing the locations of taps where water containers can be filled.

It's preferable that the taps shown on the maps are the only taps that are used to fill water containers. Other taps are not suitable for a variety of reasons.

We appreciate your understanding as we wish to continue to be able to provide this service to people in need.

Please remember to take only what water is really needed. Using too much will reduce water pressure across Noosa Shire. Please fill up using domestic-size containers (up to 1000L).

Note: There are commercial water carriers both within and outside Noosa Shire. Council recommends that you shop around for the supplier that best meets your needs.

Hot shower locations

Hot showers are available now at the following locations.


Pomona Community House - 1 Memorial Ave, Pomona

Hot shower (portable) 9am – 4pm Mon-Fri., other times by appointment.

Coastal Locations

Noosa Leisure Centre – 9 Wallace Drive, Noosaville

Hot showers Mon- Fri 7.30am – 5pm, Sat. 7am-11am, Sun 9.30am-11.30am