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Noosa Shire Council

Community Jury Community Jury


In 2015 Noosa Council used community juries to inform two important decisions. It was a first for a Queensland Council.

The first community jury, made up of 24 residents, was asked to deliberate options for minimising organic waste sent to landfill.

The jury presented its verdict in a set of recommendations. Council adopted all the recommendations and is now rolling out its long-term Towards Zero Waste program.

Noosa's second, 26-member, community jury deliberated the topic: "How can we manage the Noosa River better? What role should Council play and what resources should Council apply?"

newDemocracy Foundation formed the community juries, to represent Noosa's demographic profile, from a pool of 223 residents who had responded to 3000 invitations.

A community jury provides an elected Council with a collective view, derived from months of careful deliberation. Members of the jury are not the elected representatives of the people, like Councillors, but they are representative of the people in terms of age, gender and where they live in the Shire.

The location of all information, documents and online forum results relating to each jury, can be found on Council's YourSay Noosa website. See "Closed Projects - Outcomes".

For further information about community juries, see frequently asked questions, meet members of Noosa Council's first community jury, and hear from the jury members toward the end of the jury process.

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