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Noosa has used the community jury technique to help Council make some selected, big decisions that affect everyone who lives in Noosa Shire. 

Noosa's first community jury was the first held by a Queensland council.

Noosa's first 24 member Community Jury began its deliberations on Saturday February 7, 2015, with it's first topic: "What is the best option for minimising organic waste sent to landfill?"

The Jury presented their verdict in a set of recommendations to Council. Council adopted all the recommendations, held workshops to decide costs and time frames for implementation and is now rolling out its long-term Towards Zero Waste program.

Noosa's second, 26 member, Community Jury commenced on August 22, 2015 and concluded on December 2, 2015.

Noosa's second Community Jury, like Noosa's first Community Jury, was formed by newDemocracy Foundation from 223 residents who responded to 3000 invitations sent out in November 2014.

The second Community Jury deliberated on the topic: "How can we manage the Noosa River better? What role should Council play and what resources should Council apply?"

The location of all information, documents and online forum results, can be found on Your Say Noosa. See "Closed Projects - Outcomes".

The second Jury's final report was presented at Council's 14 January meeting and the result was that Council will pursue a community jury recommendation to take over some of the state government‘s Noosa River management responsibilities.

18 of 24 community jury members recommended Council seek control of mooring, anchoring, live-aboards and commercial leases – currently several state agencies’ domain. In addition, a further 12 recommendations were presented to Council by the Jury that will be considered by Council in drafting a detailed management strategy for the river.

Why use a Community Jury?

Council is better informed with a Community Jury's input into major decisions that will affect all Noosa Shire residents for years to come and which will involve significant ratepayer funds. A Jury incurs a financial cost but that is negligible compared with the magnitude of the issue and the potential savings for Noosa ratepayers over the long term if the Jury can help Council arrive at the best solution to the issue.

The function of a Community Jury is to provide an elected Council with a collective view that has been derived from months of careful deliberation by 24 people. Members of the jury are not the elected representatives of the people, like Councillors, but they are representative of the people in terms of age, gender and where they live in the Shire.

Noosa Council invested in a Community Jury to provide Councillors with more information from a truly representative sample of the community so that they had a better chance of getting it right, the first time.

Who is on the Community Jury

Find out how the first Community Jury was selected and the make-up of the first Jury here.

Background documents, community submissions and attending a jury meeting as an observer

A background document, explaining the issue at hand, is provided to both the jury and the public each time a jury is deliberating. For accessing a background document, or any research documents requested by a Jury, or public submissions received, or for information about how to make a submission, or how to attend a jury meeting as an observer when a jury is deliberating please visit Council's Your Say Noosa website.

Further information

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