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Noosa Shire Council

Community engagement projects Community engagement projects

Council seeks to be “as one with our community” and has been working on ways to maximise the level of public participation in Council decision-making.

Wherever possible, Council seeks to involve, consult with, collaborate with and empower the community in the decision-making process.

This may be when undertaking a new initiative, deciding on the construction of something new, making changes to local laws, developing new plans or improving existing plans.

Council has invested in Your Say Noosa – an online space/portal where you can have your say on projects that are open for consultation.

Your Say Noosa is also a repository for official documents, photos, videos, and submissions and comments from residents about each particular project.

News Updates and outcomes are also posted on Your Say Noosa.

Projects are in categories labelled as one of three: Open, or Closed - Pending Outcomes, or Closed - Outcomes. 

Even when a project is closed, all the documents and remain available to the public and regular news updates are posted where appropriate.

Council often has “pop – ups” at local libraries, out in the community and at Council chambers so that members of the community can view hard copies of documents and ask questions of Council officers about particular projects.

Council has invested in two community juries during 2015 to deliberate on two big issues that face Noosa into the future and impact all residents. Community juries are just one of a range of methods Council uses to involve residents.

You can view all projects that Council is consulting on, or has consulted on, via Your Say Noosa.